Plan Your Next Fashion Photoshoot With This Checklist
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September 25, 2019

How many times have you given up your fashion shoot ideas because you didn’t know where to start from? I know it is very stressful to organise a fashion photoshoot, but you don’t have to keep your ideas hanging. 


Instead, execute all your photoshoots, with this simple checklist.


Use This Checklist To Plan Your Next Photoshoot.


1. Create A Mood Board:


If you are working for a client or for yourself you must already have an idea about the theme and the mood you are going to create through your photoshoot. It might be a completely original idea or an inspiration that you got from some other photographer.


However, to plan your shoot, the first thing on the checklist is to create a mood board. It is a great way to kickstart your ideas.


It will help you to put together all your ideas and find one theme out of it.  You can add images for every minute detail, like hairstyle, makeup, dress, pose, props etc.


Here are more details for creating a mood board





2. Make A Perfect Team:


You might network with a lot of people to work with them, but a dream is the one where the talent of every individual will make the photoshoot better. 


Fashion photoshoot is a teamwork and you must first identify what all talents you need in the shoot. You might need people to look after various other things so you can capture good photographs.


You have to finalise your model, stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, and sometimes an assistant to handle complicated projects.


Before getting started you must get together your dream team and share your ideas.


3. Create A Storyboard:


To cut down unnecessary expense and manage time, you must create a storyboard. In your storyboard, you can mention all the major things including change in costumes, locations, different lenses you will use, make-up change etc.


If you are shooting outdoor, then you can make a timely plan for every location, as shooting outdoors is challenging because of the constant change in the intensity of light.





4. Finalise Location:


Once you start, you will find multiple locations where you can execute your fashion photoshoot. There are streets, architectural structures, nature and so many other interesting things in outdoors. And shooting inside studios is always a good choice. 


But when you scout for locations, you must keep in mind other important factors like, are you going to be bothered by moving crown on the outdoors? Is there a place for your model to change outfits? Are you spending a lot of money on the location? Will you need more money to reach the location?


These are just a few questions which you should think through while you finalise your fashion photo shoot location.


Know more about finding locations here-


How to find the perfect fashion photography shoot location


5. Send Your Team The Final Call Sheet:


Once you have a good plan and you are thoroughly convinced by it, then send it to your team in much advance. So, they get enough time to prepare things on their end.


The final call sheet must include:


  • Date and time of the shoot.

  • Concept of the shoot.

  • Detailed location guide, with time etc.

  • Role and responsibility of each person.

  • Detailed schedule.

  • Mood board.

  • Notes, and other requirements.


Once your call sheet is acknowledged and agreed upon by everyone, then you are good to go.


6. Extra Arrangements For Team:


In a fashion photoshoot, you are not just the photographer, but you are the leader who brings the entire team together.


And as a leader, it is your responsibility to make sure that your team is satisfied. Afterall a happy crew is the most productive one. Make sure there are adequate food and water for the crew on day-long shoots. 


Let them take breaks in between to revive their creativity. Make sure you have electricity supply for charging batteries, styling etc.


7. Have A Backup Plan:


You might feel that you have planned everything thoroughly, but let me tell you, that is not sufficient, you must plan for what’s unforeseen. 


What if your model falls ill? What if the weather goes bad? Are you still going to shoot? And how? You must know what your next step is going to be, in order to avoid a panic situation.




Atlast I would like to say that, you can and you should always plan your photoshoots, but do not hesitate to experiment while you are on the field.


You never know, maybe your creative risks will give you the best shots.


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