Photographing Your Pets
Basic Photography
March 5, 2018

As the saying goes Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

We can’t help but want to photograph our perfect companions.Their antics and their soulful eyes make us want to keep clicking. Here are a few tips on how to successfully photography your pets.


Every animal just like every person has a personality of its own. For an image to be a perfect rendition of your pet, your pet has to feel comfortable. Some pets are naughty and some are inherently calm, some enjoy being around people and some prefer solitude. If your pet enjoys the great outdoors – photograph your pet there. If your pet enjoys playing fetch – choose that activity to get a good capture.  Analyze the personality of your pet, set up a theme that best represents your pet, find your pet’s happy place and you are on your way to a successful capture.



Training wheels

Clicker trainyour pet. If your pet is food motivated, use treats to get your pet to understand basic commands and stay still long enough for you get a good shot. You can also use apps like Human-to-cat translator , Pose a pet , Bark Cam  to get your pet’s attention. Practice these and have mock photography sessions to get your pet familiarized with your photography habits. This may take some time but remember that animals pick up on your energy so do not get anxious and keep trying.

The dark knight

Photographing black pets can be particularly challenging. Try to have soft backgrounds with minimal activity. Soft light and golden hours are your power tools. When photographing indoors you can use window light or an external flash and use the ceiling to scatter the light which will help you to capture the texture of your pet’s fur.  Just like animals of any color while photographing black pets remember to focus on the eyes.


Photographing small pets like guinea pigs is a whole new ball game. They have shorter attention spans and move around a lot. Get down on their level and get head on shots. You can use props to grab their attention and to get more creative images.

Do you want to know more about photography? Peruse a world of photography tipshere. Learn more through workshops.



Basic Photography
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