Nikon to shortly release the MB-N10 battery pack for the Z6/Z7 cameras.
October 1, 2019

Photographers were eagerly waiting for a battery grip since the lunch of Nikon Z6 and Z7.

Nikon has finally answered with its new battery grip designed for Z6 and Z7.


The Nikon MB-N10 battery pack for the Z6/Z7 cameras will be officially released soon. The grip will be similar to old Nikon and Canon grip designs where the grip goes inside the battery compartment instead of the battery. Batteries will be inserted from opposite ends of the grip in order to allow their seamless replacement. However the Nikon Z6/Z7 battery grip will not add a second memory card, it will only extend the battery life. This is going to be disappointing for some photographers who were expecting an additional memory slot to be added in the battery grip. 


The Nikon MB-N10 battery pack for Nikon Z cameras was already registered in Korea.



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