New FCC database filing settles rumors related to DJI Mavic Mini
October 10, 2019

Early this morning, two new products from the world's leading drone manufacturer, DJI, were listed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). After being rumored for the past two months, the Mavic Mini is now officially on the FCC's site. While the second filing is not labeled with a product name, it's likely going to be a remote controller for the compact, foldable drone. The filings are FCC ID SS3-MT1SS51905 and FCC ID SS3-MR1SS51905.

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It has been well over a year since DJI released a consumer-grade drone. The last two major products from the Chinese manufacturer are the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, announced at the end of August 2018. The timing for releasing the Mavic Mini isn't random. Not only is the Holiday season upon us, competing American manufacturer Skydio recently starting accepting reservations for its compact Skydio 2 drone. Shortly after GoPro announced its Karma drone, in September 2016, DJI responded by introducing the original Mavic Pro at a swanky event.

In the United States, a drone must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) if it weighs more than 250 grams (0.55 pounds) and less than 25kg (55 pounds). If speculation is spot on, the Mavic Mini will weigh 245 grams at takeoff negating the need for registration. Rules and regulations are more lenient in other countries where a drone weighs less as well.

It’s coming soon when it appears in FCC database.



Here are a few of the rumored specs for the Mavic Mini:

  • The DJI Mavic Mini will offer a remote since controlling a drone with a smartphone is a less than ideal experience.
  • It will have a flight time of up to 18 minutes.
  • Unlike the Spark, which is similar in size, it will have obstacle avoidance sensors.
  • The drone will have a range of 3.1 miles (5 km) and a top speed of 31mph (50 km/hr).
  • The drone will have a 12MP, 1/2.3” CMOS camera that can shoot up to 4K/30p, 2.7K/60p, and 1080p/120p video.
  • The expected retail price should be around $399 (approximately INR 28,000) and the release date is expected soon to coincide with the Holiday season.


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