Major photography pit falls you must avoid
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June 29, 2018

We have always searched frantically for our dream jobs. Some of us definitely manage to bag ours. A few of us realise that is not actually what we were looking for. The actual work is completely different to what it looked from outside. It is at this point of time that we realise we have hit a bit of a road block. Some of us even get bored by performing monotonous activities at work. This is another common pit fall, we are quite worried about. Photography may be your passion, love and everything else but at the end of the day it is a job!
Every individual who takes photos is not a photographer. Photography requires a lot of passion and diligence to learn. 
People start doing photography with different expectations. Some do it because it is their passion while many do it for monetary benefits. Most of them hit several road blocks on their way to success. Let’s discuss a few pitfalls we need to be cautious about en route our photographic journey.



1) Monotonous nature
As already discussed above, some of us start photography with the expectation that we will be able to be creative every single day. While that is not a false expectation, but not all of us get such kind of opportunities. Mostly, in events and commercial photography, a feeling of monotony creeps in. We start to feel that we are doing the same stuff day in and day out. This can not only lead to boredom, but frustration too, since our expectations at the start of the journey were so very different. As a result, we often realise that there has been a significant drop in the quality of our delivery. This can be a disastrous scenario for any professional photographer as it will lead to lessening of business. The solution to this is to find the so called "Me" time. We need to find out the reasons due to which we started photography and start shooting what we love most. This is the time we must reserve for ourselves, to get back into the creative groove.

2) An inch here and there
Photography is no world for lazy people. I have missed quite a few shots due to sheer lethargy. It is only a matter of inches though. For example, on a road trip, we located a spot to shoot a particular waterfall with the clouds above. Now, that we had got down from our vehicle and set up our camera gear, we had to shoot! After completing the mini shooting session we moved a few hundred meters ahead only to find out that the same scene presented itself in a much more magnificent way. A sort of laziness itched in and we refused to get out again. Now, this may not be the case with all professionals but it is definitely the case with some. Laziness stopped me from getting much better and possibly more sellable photographs. This is a major pitfall we hit in many other jobs too and this must be avoided at all costs.

3) The monetary side of things
This is not for the photographers who are hobbyists and want to remain so in the years to come. However, in case we are looking to take the step forward into the world of professional photography, we must be well aware of the monetary side of the frame. A professional photographer needs a lot of money for various purposes like marketing, social media promotions, photography gear etc. Since we don’t earn enough in the starting days, it becomes very difficult to acquire professional gear. Not only this, promotional activities too, tend to suffer a lot. We need to have proper funds available for marketing and promotional costs as well as the photography gear. Remember, there is a saying in photography which states "The best gear is the one that you can afford!” We need to find out more than just a single way to earn. This may be by doing low budget shoots, renting our gear safely, stock photography, writing blogs on photography topics and so on. Hence when we are starting photography professionally, we need to have a neat idea of our finances, our initial investment and a crystal clear roadmap. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be hurdles on the way but a clear roadmap can provide easier solutions during the difficult times.


4) The X-factor we had!
The starting of our photographic journeys is different from one another. Most of us have a creative spark about us when we started off. We are able to think clearly and uninhibitedly without the pressure of expectations and delivery. Once we step into the world of professional photography, we tend to lose that spark, sometimes due to the fear of client complaints and sometimes due to the monotony. Whenever we feel we are nearing this pit fall, a self analysis is required. This is to remind us what we started to do photography for, how much creative spark we actually had and what different are we actually doing now. No matter whatever we are shooting, we need to make sure that we don’t lose the creativity. An angle change here and there can cause drastic change to an image. The art of composition requires mastery upon. We need to visualise unique compositions in all circumstances. We have to find out the various things we want to include in our frame to tell the story we actually want to.



These are only a few of the important pit falls. Every journey is bound to have hurdles but every solution has a problem. With proper knowledge and planning, the obstacles can be omitted. The journey of professional photography is no different. Photography is a creative art form and hence, whatever we do, we have to ensure that we stay creative all the while. This will preserve our X factor and spark and surely bring in more business and recognition!

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