Is Travel Photography For Me? Guide To Be A Successful Professional Travel Photographer
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October 30, 2019

You might surprisingly find a huge number of people on the Internet who travel around with a camera and call themselves a travel photographer. And you must have found yourself intimidated by these people, thinking that somebody out there is better than you, and you can never break into the field as a professional.


Well, let me tell you, this is not where it all ends. Travel photography just does not mean, writing ‘Travel photographer’ in your Bio and clicking pictures of places you visit. You can instead turn this into an actual profession, with a lot of practice and a few smart decisions that we will help you take through this blog.


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1. Have A Concrete Plan:

You will see travel photographers, who out of nowhere jump into travel photography as a profession, without having an actual plan or thinking it through. 

Not having a plan is the worse thing you can do to yourself. To begin with, before jumping into the market, you must make yourself prominent enough and your photographs should be of that quality.


The job of a travel photographer is very difficult since you’ll be off the ground for most of the time. So you have it ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you want to get paid for traveling Or do you want to sell your photographs?

  • Will this be your full-time profession Or will you try to earn money by other sources too?

  • Are you aiming to become a nomad Or do you have plans to settle down?

  • How much money do you target to make in this profession?

  • How many efforts should you put against the money you get?

Once you find answers to these questions, you will be able to make a route to begin your journey. And it will be easier for you, as every decision will be a part of your plan and you will not feel off track.


2. Learn A- Z Of Photography:

Now that you call yourself a professional, you must definitely know how to operate a camera and click A1 photographs. You can no longer be a smartphone photographer. Instead, you must capture stunning photographs using professional cameras and accessories. 


Here are a few things, you must learn:


  • What Equipments to Buy?
    An absolute must is a professional range camera. To click a stock quality image, you must at least have a DSLR.
    Other than than, as a travel photographer, you should have a range of lenses like a standard lens, wide-angle lens, telephoto lens.

Along with that, a portable tripod, batteries and SD cards.


  • Learn Post Procession:
    Post-processing is a boon and a curse to photography, depending on how you make use of it. Don’t over-process your photos, but you must learn to at least process them in a basic manner to make the photograph look more appealing.
    Post-processing software includes Adobe Lightroom, Aurora HDR, Adobe Photoshop.


The most important thing is to keep clicking pictures, where ever you go, take photographs and evaluate them. And then compare them to the pictures clicked by other photographers on Instagram. You will definitely get an idea of where you need to improve.


3. Create A Brand:


Just going by your own name is definitely a good idea, but creating a brand name is going to improve your authenticity in this competitive world of the Internet. A brand name will be easier for people to remember. To create a brand you have to focus on these things:


  • Brand Name
    As I said, you can definitely use your own name everywhere, but it is even better if your front end has a brand name that people will use to associate with your work. Search on the Internet for creative ideas to craft a brand name.
    Once you find a name, the next step is to find a Domain and creating your own website for all your work. 

You can search domain, on host pages like


  • Brand Logo
    Every brand name has a brand logo, that you will use on the pictures you upload on social media and on the visiting card, the website and all your documents. A brand logo has to be creative and should match your business and brand name.
    Websites like will help you in generating brand logos. 


  • Decide Your Niche
    Your authenticity will increase when people come back to you for your specialty in on particular sector of photography.
    You too must decide your niche, say, for example, you must figure out what you are best at. It can be landscapes, or documentaries, or portraits, or adventure photography, etc.
    When you have a niche, it will be easier for the client to understand your level of professionalism.


4. Build A Portfolio:


A portfolio is a must for every travel photographer, to show the potential client of their capabilities. It is basically a display of your best out of best work to the world. A social media profile does not count as a portfolio. Because you compromise with the size and quality of the image.


How ever, you can create your portfolio on other galleries like Flikr. Or simply on your own website.


6 Ways To Make An Impressive Photography Portfolio





5. Get Your Work Published:


This is the part that will turn your hobby into your profession. Where you will actually be able to earn money by clicking photographs for others. You can become a published photographer on multiple platforms like:


  • Stock Image Providers:
    This is the easiest and consistent way of earning small money. Where you create a publisher account, upload your pictures and when somebody purchases your photograph, you will get a commission.
    Some very popular stock image websites are:
    Getty Images



  • Travel Magazines:
    Travel magazines are always looking for photographers who can participate in their competition and publish their images in the magazine. You will surely have to participate in every competition that is happening around, but when you win, you can use that achievement to self promote your work on social media and your own website.




Breaking into a creative field like Travel photography is very difficult, but once you make yourself a good name in the market, you will definitely get the fruit. But for that, you must be ready to put the effort into the initial stage. And constantly keep improving your skills as a photographer.

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Travel Photography Digital Photography Landscape Photography
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