Is Travel Photography for Me?
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March 1, 2019

“Let's plan something for the upcoming holidays” or “I love to travel” Sounds familiar. Right? Considering the pictures posted on social media these days, Travel has become a hot topic and Travel Photography a most-sought-after option.  Traveling the world, capturing a beautiful location, its people, different cultures and customs seem very exciting. Almost like a dream job!! But then nothing comes easy J.  You need to sacrifice a lot of time and put in a great amount of hard work for that.


Nonetheless, if that's what you aim for, then just follow your passion and remember a few things which can help you to become a Travel Photographer.  And what are those things?  Just scroll down further.


Wanderlust – This is the first and foremost.  Do you long to travel and enjoy traveling? Do you feel the constant need to explore everything and every place around you?  If yes, then you are on the right track. But also remember that clicking pictures for a hobby is different than taking pictures that actually talk about your travel experiences.  As a travel photographer, your job would be to capture places in all its glory.  So take time and learn about the different types of photography and the skillset required.  Understand the challenges involved and also how you can generate revenue from it.


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Enjoy your own company   As a travel photographer your job will involve spending a lot of time on the road with just you and your camera as your travel companion.  Yes, you might have a conversation with a local but at the end of the day, you will be working alone. While being alone for some time is good, take into consideration if you can handle long periods of absence from your friends and family.



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Be Flexible – You must be willing to travel at very short notices. Being available and flexible with your schedule can open up vast opportunities for you. At times you may have to function with very little sleep as you will have to get up early and set off just to capture a great sunrise shot.


Being Adaptive  Be adaptive to your surroundings. Long flights, crowds, traffic delays, language barriers can become stressful at times. But on the brighter side, you get to travel far into distant lands and meet people belonging to varied cultures. This can be fun and interesting. However, remember to be tolerant of other cultures as it will give you easy access to these places and capture the realities within.


Image courtesy Pixabay – rotten77

You know what people want  The best thing about travel photography is that people love to see pictures of places they have never been or they are dreaming to visit. So when you share your images on social media or even your website, make sure you mention a little about how you clicked the shot or some story about that place.  That’s what will make people interested in your work.


Learn the tricks of the trade – Start by reading books and articles on travel photography.  Intern with a photographer to get hands-on experience. Observe the work of good travel photographers for inspiration. Create your profile on social media as it gets a lot of attention and response. Explore ways to monetize. Create your own website to showcase your travel images.  You may also try publishing your work on some good photography platforms that offer a good amount of money


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Travel photography can be a very rewarding experience. Not many jobs will give you a sense of excitement of seeing your work being acknowledged and published. So if you really love to travel and are passionate about it, go for it!!

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Blog courtesy: Deepa Jathar

Panorama Photography Nature Photography People Photography
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