Introduction To Stock Photography
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February 17, 2020

Stock photography is a very wide industry of photography, and with the rise of digital marketing and the world, the scope for stock photographers has taken a rise over the period of time. There are multiple websites online, which provide stock images for consumers to use. These pictures are clicked and submitted by stock photographers.

And this sale and purchase of photographs have quite a lot of scope to fetch money with the quality of photographs you give. Today in this blog we are going to talk about what stock photography actually is and if it is the right place for you to invest your time in. to find out more, keep reading the blog.


Here Is What You Need To Know About Stock Photography


What Exactly Is Stock Photography & How Does It Work:



To put it in a nutshell, stock photography is an online open market for photographers to sell their photographs for common people to use. The process is very straight, 

  • A photographer will upload his photographs in the photos stock library,

  • A consumer will search for photographs for their needs using (keywords),

  • If your photograph matches the needs, then they will ask for a license on the host website to use your photograph.

  • And the license fee will be divided between the stock website and the photographer

  • And in this manner, the license will be sold to every new customer who wants to use the photo. 

  • Hence giving the photographer a standard amount after every purchase.


Stock Websites:



There are a lot of stock libraries on the internet with various needs of photographs. Some are very specific about their genre, some are very versatile with their requirements. Some websites host only licensed photographs, whereas some of the hosts both free and licensed ones. There are also libraries that host photographs clicked on smartphones. Obviously the cost provided to the photographers varies totally on the basis of this. But you can always do proper research and sign up for these websites according to what they pay you and what quality of photographs they host from other photographers.

Some popular stock libraries include @shutterstock, @gettyimages to name a few.


Why Should You Start Stocking Your Photographs?



To begin with, you are not promised but if your photographs are worth enough, then you can definitely earn a staple income out of the stock libraries. It totally depends on the quality of photographs that you upload and the kind of portfolio you have on the host website. Apart from that, you will get a constant dose of photography by other competitors. You will have so much to explore from and so many fellow photographers to learn from. Besides, instead of just keeping an entire album of photos unused in your laptop, you might as well post it in stock libraries and see how much the world appreciates your photographs. So you can always have a scope of improvement.




These are just some basic things that you must keep in mind while you begin with stock photography and to know more about it, keep reading our upcoming blogs and have a solid plan to enter the market.

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