Intro: Wildlife Photography is Challenging and Unique
Wildlife Photography
November 25, 2019

Wildlife photography is extremely rewarding and a fun thing to do. As a photographer or even just for a hobby. It is a great way to take yourself out into the woods,  be close to nature. You learn a lot about wildlife and their way of living. As I said, a good photograph will make you feel very nice. But sometimes it gets very challenging. As your main subjects here are not still objects or human beings, it gets very difficult to coordinate and cooperate with each other. The wild animals are highly unpredictable and wildlife photography is a very difficult kind of photography. So to start off as a wildlife photographer, you must first prepare yourself for the challenges that might come across your way to become a good photographer.


There are various kinds of challenges you'll face in wildlife photography. And in this blog, I am here to prepare you with a few of them. So you could get on the field, all ready to shoot. 


Challenges In Wildlife Photography:


Nothing Is In Your Control:


Wildlife photography is a part of nature photography. And as you know, nature itself is very unpredictable and uncontrollable. There is hardly anything that you can do to adjust things around you. Instead, you as a photographer must improve yourself to acclimatize according to the surroundings and click better pictures. 

It includes everything, starting from the light, the background positioning, composition and to add on to that, even your subject is moving. Which makes it even more difficult to control all the things. Wildlife photography is about making impulsive decisions and clicking the shutter immediately and perfectly. There is not enough space and time for you to think and process everything. 


Knowing Right Techniques:


As I said, wildlife photography is uncontrollable. So to master your skills and get an incredible shot, you have to pace up your skills in operating the camera. Just having the right composition and lighting and background is not enough. You must know the depths of wildlife photography. Like where to keep the focus, what is your depth of field? what will be your shutter speed?  how do you want your subject to look like? Is the picture overexposed? How to keep the photo sharp? 

These and there are many such concerns you have to worry about getting a good shot. Unlike other forms of nature photography like landscape. Here you don't get enough time to think and place your camera and find the perfect setting. Which brings me to the next point. 


Always Be Ready:


When you go on a wildlife safari, and you want to click pictures. Then your main moto must be to find places which will allow you to click photos of the wild animals. You have to consciously think about how to get a good look at the animals. For eg: If you just sit in the dense trees and wait for the animals to arrive, then it's going to be very challenging and annoying to you. Because that is a very rare scene. But instead if you sit by a bank of river or water pond, then you'll easily get to see a lot of animals, as these are the places, they would often take a stroll at. And while you're here, you must be alert and constantly ready. Because a shot missed once is missed forever. 




Yes, wildlife photography is difficult and challenging. But so is any other task. All you have to do is try and keep trying. It is definitely out of your control to get the animal pose for you. But with the right skills and instincts, you'll be able to overcome the Challenge. And the results are going to be rewarding. 

Wildlife Photography
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