Influence of fashion photography in global culture.
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February 1, 2019

Fashion is in us, with us and around us. Not only now, but it has also been the same for ages. Fashion has been one of the most important factors whose influence on global culture has been massive. The fashion industry is an ever growing one. In fact, fashion is getting expensive all the time. In the United States alone, close to 250 billion dollars is being spent on different types of fashion accessories. These include bags, shoes, apparels etc. So what is fashion actually? Fashion is actually a way by which we express ourselves. It is actually possible nowadays to make statements using our fashion accessories. We always try to keep up with the latest trends in the market. These trends are mostly inspired by the latest popular cultures which again is a combination of cultural and social aspects of our society.


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To understand the impact of fashion on the global culture we need to gain knowledge about the concept of global consumerism. With the rapid rise of the internet, people in remote villages are able to connect with the rest of the world. They are actually able to see what is happening in other countries. The latest cuisines, fashion statements, apparels etc. are all readily available on the internet. This has actually resulted in the creation of a single country without any border. For example, the latest trends in Europe are available across all other continents in no time. Hence the market of a certain fashion accessory is no longer limited to that country only. It is spread across the entire world. As a result of this, manufacturers are getting more and more confident in manufacturing newer products without any limitation in creativity. This way of expressing themselves goes a long way in contributing to the significant increase in the fashion industry across the world.

Fashion photography has become a huge industry in itself. Before we look at the different styles of fashion photography and how they are impacting the global culture, we must acknowledge the efforts of the great fashion photographers in building this enormous industry.

Fashion photography can be categorized into 4 main categories:

1. Editorial fashion photography: The most common type of fashion photography, editorial fashion photography is increasing rapidly. Styling is always the priority in this genre of fashion photography. The main advantage of this type of fashion shoots is that the themes used in these shoots often help in spreading a certain type of lifestyle across the world. The change in lifestyle brings about a significant change in the global culture.


2. High fashion photography: High fashion photography as the name suggests is entirely based on the fashion side of the story. The fashion styles used in these shoots are often over the top and exclusive. These styles are normally not related to reality.


3. Catalog fashion photography: Catalog fashion photography enables the making of catalogs for different brands. This type of photography is simple and focuses entirely on the products. With the rapid rise of e-commerce companies, these catalogs easily reach out to the common masses. Catalog fashion photography perhaps has the biggest impact on global culture. Remember, fashion is not limited to apparels and shoes only. Fashion can be anything that we wear, right from top to toe. The body language of a person can change with the change in fashion.


4. Street fashion photography: This style of photography is recently trending. The photo shoots of fashion accessories on the streets help in getting the audience hooked, easily. They are able to connect to the various trends, thus increasing the scalability of the products.


Development of fashion is actually dependent on the culture of the particular region. However, this actually goes on to influence the culture of the region too. Hence it is a sort of a circular development. Let us take a look at how fashion and fashion photography actually impacts the different types of global cultures like high culture, pop culture, and low culture…

Let us take the example of fashion shows. The culture of fashion shows has been often touted as western culture. However, most countries have started organizing their own fashion shows. This spread in fashion show culture has to be credited to the huge media coverage, the involvement of the famous designers and more importantly the best of the fashion photographers. Fashion communicates through one’s identity, power and above all exuberates the confidence of an individual.

Culture comprises several factors like society, education, politics, values etc. Now, fashion is actually how we present ourselves. This is by what we wear and how we look. In the years of the past, fashion used to be bound by the local culture and traditions. With the rapid increase in global consumerism, this bounding has taken a big hit. We are able to see people in small towns following the fashion trends of foreign countries. Fashion photography plays a huge role in this. The exceptional rise in the quality of fashion images has actually grabbed the attention of the common folks too.

Conclusion: To understand the gigantic concept of global consumerism, we will have to understand the types of fashions present in the country. We need to know whether the people of the particular country believes more in local traditions of foreign cultures. There is a lot of cultural difference between the people of the same country too. Fashion photography is rising rapidly and so is its impact on the several cultures across the world.


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