How To Transform My iPhone Into A Professional Grade Camera?
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Amit K Srivastava
October 14, 2016

My camera lenses are my eyes. My imagination is my canvas.

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The sales of pocket cameras especially that of point-and-shoots have dwindled due to expansion of good quality smartphone cameras like the iPhone. They still don’t beat the superior features of DSLRs like big light sensors, viewfinders and optical zoom but their compactness does make the camera phones easy-to-carry-and-shoot paraphernalia.

Talking about mobile cameras, let’s see how you can transform your iPhone into professional grade camera using A. hybrid photographic tools and B. Some cool apps.

Hybrid photographic tools

The world is still waiting for mobile cameras to reach a stage where they can match the picture quality and creative control of DSLRs. However, we do have some really awesome hybrid photographic tools that work in the favour of iPhone owners.

DxO One



This is a hardware tool that works on the delicious concept of letting the iPhone do what it does best- offer wide screen yet sleek and speedy while the DxO fills the holes- Big sensor for SLR quality picture. Now this is awesome also considering the size of its rig that easily slips in your pocket!

Now let’s dig into some cool apps.

ProCamera 7

ProCamera 7 is a cool user friendly app that many of friends use instead of the default camera app on iPhone. ProCamera is extremely good at shooting night shots producing less noise.

If you mainly want to get the best shots and don’t like much editing, this app is your companion.


This is another app to convert your iPhone into a professional shooting machine. It’s similar to the previous app and can also be your replacement for the default camera app. It has timer, stabilizer made and other cool features, perhaps making it more resourceful than stock app. It gives equivalent amount of control you’d experience with an entry-level DSLR. Its editing stock provides features to adjust important aspects like blur, saturation, and exposure. If you fretted the clutter-blunder that often happens with other camera apps, you can use the Lightbox integration. This prevents clutter of photos and edits making it easy and convenient to swap through your stock of photos before you import them to your Camera Roll.

Tip- You can use both these apps to utmost convenience and best outcome. So when you want to get the best click of a subject every time, use ProCamera 7. For best editing and adjustment features, use the Camera+. Keep switching between these two apps for a best photo-outcome using their best individual features of clicking high quality images (ProCamera 7) and editing (Camera+).

The android fans don't need to make faces as here is a cool tool for you guys-

Do you yearn for a 1’’ sensor like that of most DSLRs so that you can click the best photos with your best android phones? Panasonic’s Lumix CM1 is sleek, handsome, and extremely flat with f/2.8 Leica lens.

It also has a real devoted shutter spot and starts up within a second.

Mobile Photography Basic Photography
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