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July 25, 2018

Fashion has a huge impact on our culture for long. It has been there for ages now. Fashion photography has become a huge industry in itself. There are several high quality fashion photographers around. Most of them are doing a fantastic job of keeping up with the latest trends and helping them spread to all parts of the world. For a beginner in fashion photography, breaking into the industry may seem to be a very daunting task. However with a lot of practice and by following the correct path, it is possible. It definitely sounds clichéd but it’s true. We are going to take a look at the 10 tips required to improve your fashion photography skills and take those stunning shot.



1)   Glamour and colours:

Fashion photography is all about colours, glamour and clothes. Combine all these together to create beautiful shots. Analyze what the shoot is specifically meant for. If it is meant for apparels, make sure your model has a makeup that complements the particular garment set.

2)   Communication with your model:

This is actually the key to taking stunning shots. The communication between you and your model must be crystal clear. There should not be any doubt in the mind of the model during the shoot or else it will get easily reflected. The model should be free from any kind of insecurity or stress. While you are doing your homework, make sure you have the entire shot list prepared. A shot list is a list of shots that you are planning to take. This will include the lighting setup, composition, makeup and attire of the model. All these should be communicated properly to the model as well as the supporting crew. A confident model is all that you need at the end of the day.

3)   Posing techniques:

A knowledge of posing techniques is immensely important in fashion photography. You may be working with professional models who already have a fair idea of the different types of poses but that doesn’t mean that they will be entirely thorough with the concepts you have in your mind. You need to position their arms, eyes, hair, feet etc. in the way you want. Suggestions are always welcome but you have to be in control. We already have a dedicated blog for posing techniques. Make sure you have your model looking fitter and slimmer than ever.

4)   Studio practice:

A studio is actually the best place to start. The lighting conditions will be in your control. There will not be frequent changes in lighting. Meter the entire part of the studio where you are about to shoot. In this way you can calculate the amount of light required. Control the intensities of each of the lights in order to get the perfect exposure. You can also use a light meter to do the same for you. You don’t want unwanted harsh shadows on your models face.

5)   If not studio, then what? :

All of you will not have the opportunity to shoot in a studio straightaway. This means that some of you may have to shoot at home or outdoors. It is better to start at home. Find some clear space that is close to a window. On a bright and sunny day, you should have enough sunlight to act as your key light. You can use a reflector to use the same light as your fill light or else an external flash can do the job for you as well.

6)   The use of props:

Remember, fashion photography is not bound by any rules. It is all about trends, colours and glamour. Arrange for some very attractive props that can grab everyone’s attention. Really attractive props are available in the market. Design the props according to the attire of the model.

7)   Location:

In case you are shooting outdoors, location becomes really important. You need to find a location that is free of clutter. The location scouting should also be done keeping in mind the theme of the shoot. For example you are shooting for an apparel brand’s summer collection. You should find a natural environment to do the same. Find a location which has a lot of greenery as it will blend well with the bright summer colours. Similarly if you are shooting for a brand’s party wear, an urban location is going to be more suitable. You cannot shoot party wear shots in a forest!

8)   Manipulate with angles:

If you want to break into the fashion photography industry and take stunning shots, you need to let your creativity run wild. Do not be afraid to shoot at different angles. Shoot from a low angle, high angle or from even the more traditional eye level.

9)   Composition:

This is the key to any genre of photography. Fashion photography is obviously no exception. In case you are running out of ideas, go through the latest fashion magazines in order to get inspired. You are not supposed to copy the same but you can always get new ideas when you go through the works of other photographers. Bring out stories from within. Story telling shots are always better than normal portraits. Although in fashion photography, you won’t find a lot of story-telling images, it is always good to try and shoot one.

10)  Assistant:

When you are starting out, it is always mandatory to have someone to assist you. It may seem like a dull point in context to this blog but I have realized the difference one extra pair of hands can make. It will help you save a lot of time, pain and efforts. You can rather concentrate and channelize the energy into the actual work.


Fashion photography is a very lucrative genre of photography. Hence it is highly competitive too. If you can follow the above tips as well as the other blogs on fashion photography, I believe you will be in a good position to start. Rest will depend on your skill set and how your grey cells can weave their magic!

Portrait Photography Fashion Photography
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