How To Take Care Of Your Camera And Equipments During Holi?
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March 9, 2020

Holi is one of the most amazing photographic festivals, not just in India but all across the world. The colours over the white clothes and happy faces make it extremely popular amongst photographs, especially to capture bright happy candids of the people. And this Holi, you too should step outside your house with your camera around your neck and capture happy memories. And while you plan to do that, make sure your camera and equipment are protected from water and colours and all the other things coming your way. In this blog, we have written some easy things you should do before stepping outside your house with a camera on Holi 2020.


Here Are Some Very Important Tips To Keep Your Gears Protected This Holi


Look For A Compact Camera:


If you are planning to do some photography this Holi, then the first choice you should make is to use a smaller compact camera, something that will not require a lens and can be easily protected. And what could be any better than a GoPro? If you don’t own one, then you can rent it for a day at merely Rs400/- on an average. It is waterproof, and you don’t have to worry a lot about the damage.

However, if you want to use your other cameras, then here is what you need to do to keep the gears protected.


Duct Tape The Sensor Sides:


The sensor area is definitely airtight, but it’s still better you protect even a little scope of colour or water into the sensor. The best solution is to use duct tape around the senor, sealing the entire ring. Duct tapes are waterproof, so they will definitely pack seal the sensor very well. And you should also carry some extra tape with you. So you can change it when you get a chance to.


Cover Up The Camera Body:


Wrap your camera with a plastic wrapper and seal it with duct tape. Once you do that, changing the settings is going to be quite some task, so you should make sure to check all the settings in advance and keep them standard so you don’t have to worry about removing the cover again. Another great way is to use a zip lock pouch and cut it out to fit the camera body, and then squeeze it to remove any air and then lock it tight.


Use A Lens Cap:


The lens cap is of great use. It will cover the lens overall and then you can secure it with more duct tape.


Load Up The Battery And Memory Card:


Do not take any chance to open the camera once you are into the play of Holi. There is a lot of chance, that the colour or water will get inside. Do not wait for the last minute to load up the batteries and memory card. Charge the batteries to full and use an empty memory card. And always shoot in JPEG mode, so you don’t have to worry about changing the memory card or battery.




Besides all of this. Make sure you try these settings out a day prior, so you will know if you have done it right or not. And you will also get a hand over operating the camera in a better way. Holi is only fun if you come back home with a lot of good photographs and a perfectly fine camera. So keep your gears protected. And play a safe Holi.

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