How To Register A Drone In India? Drone Laws In India You Must Be Aware Of While Flying
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March 18, 2020

Before you get your hand on a drone, you should be well versed in the laws, rules, and regulations to fly a drone in a region. And every region, state or country has its own set of laws to fly a drone in order to protect their privacy. Besides that, you are also supposed to be approved by the licensing authority to fly a drone, just like you get a license to drive a vehicle.


So to educate you in the context of all of the criteria of licensing and the laws regarding the flying of the drone, we have written a detailed blog. Keep reading to know more about the rules of flying a drone in India.


Here Are The Important Laws You Must Know Before Flying A Drone In India


Registration Of Drones In India:


In the Indian Subcontinent, it is mandatory that you should get yourself registered before flying a drone. And to make the registration process easy, the Government has launched the website so you can complete the documentation process hassle-free.


 Get UIN:


Once the user is registered with the DIgital sky, then the next step is to get the UIN number for your drone. The process will be continued on the Digitalsky website itself. And you will be prompted to register your drone:


  •  Apply here for Local Drones (manufactured in India)

  • Apply here for Import Drones (manufactured abroad)

  • Apply here for UAOP License


Then you will have to fill out these details:


  • Name, address and PAN details of the owner

  • Drone Type

  • Model Number

  • Serial Number

  • OEM Certificate (certificate received from manufacturer)

  • NPL Letter

  • Name, address, and nationality of the Manufacturer

  • Maximum take-off weight and height attainable and

  • Details of compatible payload


And then the payment has to be made. I.e Rs 1000/- for UIN and Rs 25,000/- for UAOP License.


Which Drones Require Registration:


All drones above the nano category should be registered, they include:


  • Nano: Less than or equal to 250 grams 

  • Micro: From 250 grams (.55 pounds) to 2kg (4.4 pounds)

  • Small: From 2kg (4.4 pounds) to 25kg (55 pounds)

  • Medium: From 25kg (55 pounds) to 150kg (330 pounds)

  • Large: Greater than 150kg (33 pounds)


No Permission, No Take Off:


India has this very strict policy for drones, that is the user has to take permission through a mobile app of Digital sky. Before every flight, the user must ask for permission and the authorities will process the request and reject or grant it. And if you try to fly without a drone, then you just won’t be able to fly your UA. It simply won’t take off. This policy is called the NPNT policy - No Permission, No Take Off.


Other General Rules To Keep In Mind:


  • All drones except the Nano ones must have their UIN

  • Cannot be operated beyond 400ft vertically

  • Cannot be operated in ‘No Fly Zone’ like airports, army camps, international borders, government buildings



Abiding by these laws will be of serious issue for you. You could wither be fined heavily or you can face a permanent ban from flying UAs.

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