How to Photograph Jewellery the right way
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May 9, 2019

Jewelry Photography is a very challenging genre in photography. Due to the small size of products, their reflective nature makes it challenging and difficult to shoot. To save yourself from disaster and embarrassment, all you have to do is plan your shoot and take a few precautions.

Here are ten common mistakes to avoid when photographing jewelry.

1.       Unprepared products

With unprepared products I mean, Products are not ready for the shoot. Just imagine a model coming for a photoshoot and is dressed up in the most clumsy manner and you start shooting. Guess the kind of images you would get. Similarly, for Jewelry Photography the products need to be cleaned with a proper lint-free cloth so that there are no fingerprints or dust visible when we take some real close up. The details that are not visible during the shoot to the normal human eye will be visible during post-production/editing and when the final output is ready. Jewelry with cracks and scratches should be avoided. Wipe down your jewelry every time you touch it. Wearing cotton gloves may save you time and reshoots.


2.       Inconsistent Lighting

Change in background or light set up can result in different results. Being consistent in setup and lights will help you save time in your post-production process. As a good practice try to take an image of the setup which you can use as a reference for your next shoot with a similar product. Also, note down camera settings and light settings for ease of operation.


3.       Complex background

Usually all e-commerce websites like Amazon Karatlane Etc. ask you to submit your product photographed with a plain white background. The reason behind this is to avoid distractions from the main product and keeping the emphasis on the product while you browse through their online catalog. Also with a plain white background, the colors of the product can be judged easily and give correct color representation.


4.       Unnecessary props

The use of props differs from client to client. Some client wants props to be a part of the shoot and some want only the product to be shot. Adding props in your fame can be both creative as well as challenging. The most important thing you need to keep in mind “jewelry needs to be focused” that the props used. Your props should not cause distraction and steal attention from the main product.


5.       Reflections everywhere

Diamond jewelry or gold jewelry comes with its own challenge, Reflections It makes it extremely difficult to shoot shiny subjects without giving you reflections. You cannot eliminate reflections completely but you can definitely reduce them to a great extent. Use studio lights with diffuser and umbrellas to reduce reflections


6.       Shaky images

Usually, images are shot at small aperture ie F16 or F18 sometimes even at F22 because of which you have to use a shutter speed which is going to be too slow to shoot handheld ie 1/20 or 1/10. Use of a sturdy tripod and a shutter release will help you get rid of the shaky images and blur caused by camera shake or slow shutter speed


7.       Poor focus

Use high aperture ie. F16 or F18, full focus photographs will give you a sharp image that will give you all minute details of your jewelry. The best camera settings would be Aperture F 11 to F18 depending on the product size. ISO to be kept as low as possible –ISO 100 to 250 max


8.       Incorrect white balance

White balance plays a major role in product photography. White needs to look white and red needs to look red any slight change in colors can ruin your shoot. So take your time and adjust your white balance to the correct temperature and color tone to give accurate output. Make sure you double-check the results before you move on to the next product.


9.       Too few images

“Spray and Pray” method works in Jewelry photography as well. Take multiple shots of the product, at least 4 to 6 images. This will help you in post-production/editing. Also, try different angles and a detailed shot if there is an engraving on the jewelry.


10.   Bad photoshop

Over-editing can ruin a well-shot image. Try editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. You can edit yourself if you are skilled enough or you can take some professional help, just for editing these images. You can also save some presets for future projects so that you don’t waste time in retouching images.


Let's get shooting


If you keep all these points in mind before starting your jewelry photoshoot. And if you have practiced enough, I am sure you can create some awesome jewelry photographs which your clients will just love.


Product Photography Basic Photography Fashion Photography
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