How To Master Candid Photography?
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December 11, 2019

Candid is one of the most beautiful and widely used methods of wedding photography. If done properly, it will create some magical shots. Capturing the true beauty and essence of the big day of one's life. I personally like candid photography on the wedding day because it captures the true emotions of people. The extreme happiness, or sadness when the bride has to leave her old life behind. All of these pure emotions can be shot and framed for life through candid photography.


To capture amazing candid shots, you should be very impulsive and instant. There is hardly any time to think and hit the shutter. Once a moment is gone it is gone forever. And you definitely cannot create it by asking people to pose for it.

In this blog, I will give you some amazing tips that will help you to master candid photography, this wedding season.


Here Are Some Amazing Tips To Master Candid Photography


Always Be Ready With Your Camera:


The best tip any professional photographer would give you for candid photography is to be ready. All the time. You must always keep your camera ready with basic settings and you should be fast enough to hit the shutter at the right moment. So to be ready the foremost thing you should do is to understand the light setting around you and set your camera’s ISO accordingly. That will save a lot of your time before taking every picture. Once you do that, then always keep your camera on and hanging around your neck or hand, so whenever you see a photogenic moment taking place, you can hit the shutter to get a perfect candid shot.


Avoid Using Flash:


Using a light flash is a complete banner in candid photography. When you use flash, it annoys the people before the camera and you will end up ruining the shot and the moment itself. They will no longer be candid and you will never get a good shot. Also keep one thing in mind, that a wedding location is almost always very well lit, so especially while taking candid shots, you can avoid using the flash completely. But you can definitely use it for staged shots, especially big family shoots.


Use Telephoto Lens:



People are very camera conscious. So when you go around them with your camera flashing in front of them, it will make them nervous and they will never be natural in front of your lens. You must simply avoid flashing your camera at people's faces, and you can do that by either shooting from the hip level, where the camera is not very evident in the notice. Or as a professional, you can use a telephoto lens, which will let you focus on things from far away. So you will not miss any shot and your subject will be in their candid nature.


Keep Shooting. Don’t Stop:



The key is to keep clicking pictures. You might get some really good pictures, but you should always thrive for more and even if you don’t get any good pictures right away, you should try more and more, you never know when the perfect scene might happen before your lens.


Photography People With People:



The best candid photography set up is when people are interacting with other people. You will get multiple emotions in such settings. They might be sad together, happy together or even bursting out with laughter. You will surely grab a few worthy shots here.


Click Your Shot While They Pose For Others:


Another opportunity to click candid shots is when your subject is posing for some other camera and you sneakily try to capture a few good pictures. Try it out, you will get something good out of it.




These were some easy tips to capture candid photographs. This wedding season, try the techniques and ace up your photography game.

Keep practicing!

Keep clicking!!

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