How To Find Perfect Fashion Photography Shoot Locations
Fashion Photography
September 12, 2019

Are you stepping into fashion photography and don’t know where to conduct your next photoshoot? Then let me tell you, you don’t always need a studio with A1 lightings or an exotic location to shoot in. Fashion photography can happen anywhere anytime, you just have to have an eye for it. 


Fashion photography on the outdoors is as effective as creating high fashion photography inside the studio. As you can use the enormous amount of elements already existing in your surroundings to enhance your photograph.


To know where to begin with, this blog will give you a simple idea to utilize maximum from your local areas to have an amazing outdoor location fashion photography.


Here Are 7 Amazing Outdoor Locations For Fashion Photography


Location No 1: Parks


This is the most relatively accessible place in every and any city and surrounding. There’s a lot that you can do with a park, even if it’s a really plain one. You can simply use the green trees as the backdrop for your fashion portraits. You can create a nice contrast by styling your model against the greens of the trees. A bokeh is will make the picture look even more aesthetic.


You can also use the shades created by the tree to give your photograph a nice texture. The colorful flowers will also create a good background. Or you can also use the entire park by itself.  


Every park might look the same, but you have to add your touch of creativity to make it look like a real shoot location for fashion photography.





Location No 2: Stairs


The number 2 tip is to find staircases. These are one of the best places to shoot with, because they will give you photograph, naturally leading lines and they often have interesting textures going on around.


You can absolutely try any pose, sitting or standing. Moving up or down. Here you can definitely manage to get some serious action fashion photographs. Best suitable for huge pieces of fashion clothing which has more details in it. 



Location No 3: Sub Urban Streets


Suburban streets are different from city streets. They have more natural elements in them and there are less people on the street, so shooting there gets easier. 


While you do your fashion shoot, you can look after the creeps and flowers hanging out of someone’s front door and use it as your backdrop. You can go after fences and doors of houses or other places around.


Empty street itself is a very good option. Where you can create urban looking fashion photograph in the middle of the street. 


Location No 4: Parking Lots


Parking lots will add a lot of textures, angles and architect to your photography. When you go for the parking lots, you will find multiple locations at once. Like the rooftops, flat base underground, staircases, industrial settings etc.


You will also find soft lights inside the parking space which is a complete bonus when the sun outside is getting a bit harsh. 



Location No 5: Textured and Colored Walls


Walls are the best ever backdrops you can have in your outdoor fashion photography. Just when you stroll around the city, you will find different kinds of walls and each one will give you a completely different photograph.


Suppose a boring plain wall, this wall is the best when you wish to draw maximum attention to the fashion aspect in the photograph. It is a very minimal technique. You can also look after colorful walls that are contrast to the fashion of the model. So they stand as stark opposites, highlighting each other.


And lastly you can find textures like, metal fences/ cabins, or bricky wall, glass wall etc. Try optimising such backgrounds to click beautiful fashion photographs. 





Location No 6: Graffiti


Graffitis will give your photograph a very hipster vibe. So when you are shooting for teen trendy fashion, you can use the graffiti art to add the ‘cool’ hipster look to the photograph.


It is a good way of defining the fashion that you are photographing, without saying much about it. 


Location No 7: Abandoned/ Old Constructions


Needless to say how the old abandoned places have a constant vibe in it, old rusty vibe. You can completely create whatever you feel like in places like these.


The natural textures and damages are definitely going to make a good combo with any fashion that you chose to photograph there.







I would like to tell you that fashion photography can begin anywhere. You don’t have to keep yourself back, because you don’t have a good studio setup or location to shoot.


All you have to do is step outside, take a walk in your city and I am pretty sure you will find amazing locations to execute your fashion photography project outdoors.


To understand better, with examples, you can check out the reference videos:


Here Are 10 Location Ideas for Your Next Photoshoot


Easy Photoshoot Location Ideas!

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