How To Find Models For Your Fashion Photo Shoots?
Fashion Photography
September 25, 2019

Well, it goes without saying how important a model is in Fashion photography. But approaching people to model for you is actually very intimidating in real life. However the key is to be friendly yet very professional in your approach.


So now the question is how to find models for your fashion shoot? Then let me tell you, that before you start with that you have to make sure that you are presentable as a professional photographer.


Before diving into finding models, here is what you must do to build your authenticity.


Part 1. Before Approaching A Model?


Have Social Media Presence Of Your Photography:


The first thing that anybody will do when you tell them that you are a photographer is, checking your social media presence. Especially Instagram. So it is very important that you have an Instagram account which is easy to find.


If you are into fashion photography, then good for you. You can easily post best shots from all your previous projects. 


And if you are a complete newbie into fashion photography then start by clicking some self-portraits or pictures of random people on the streets. You can also ask your friends to casually pose for you. This will give you enough content to start your page.


Create Your Portfolio:


A social media handle alone is not sufficient. For better quality and segregation of your work, you should also create your portfolio in the form of a website, e brochure and/or printed brochure.


A portfolio will definitely make the model feel like you are highly professional with your fashion photography approach.





Have A Plan:


By a plan I mean you should know beforehand what you expect from your model. Like, what is your theme, what is the fashion element, what are the locations, what are the expectations from the model etc.


Having a plan is going to make everything easier, and the model will have faith in your work as a professional photographer.


Create A Mood Board:


An extension to creating a plan is creating a mood board. Where you can find reference photographs by other fashion photographers. 


So you can create a mood board of the kind of look/ makeup you like. Or even the poses and camera angles, that you would want to use in your photo shoot.


These are all the things before approaching a model for your fashion photography.



Know more about creating a mood board here: Amy Serrano


Part 2. Finding Models


Social Media:


To find models for your fashion photoshoot, you can use social media. Mainly Instagram. You can either search for fellow fashion photographers around you and then approach the models they use for their shoots.


Or simply search for fashion bloggers around you. Most of the fashion bloggers are models themselves, or if they use other models than great.


All you have to do is find their mail id on the profile and tell them about your project. While you do so, make sure you send the model, your portfolio and if she looks interested then you can send your plan and mood board.


Spread The Word Around:


Tell your acquaintances, friends, and colleagues .you can easily spread the word around like that and get in touch with people who are interested to pose as a model for you.


You might or might not get an experienced model. However, working with a newbie is also challenging in itself. And you too must try that. Afterall it will save your expense of hiring a model.


Ask Your Friends:


It's not necessary for every fashion shoot to look high fashion. You can also ask your friends to model for you.


But you have to understand that they are not professional and you have to be a lot more patient with them.


Use Model Hiring Websites:


If you have good budget then this is the best way of finding models for your fashion photoshoot.


Here are some websites that will connect you with models:




Indian Models Club






Attend Social Gatherings:


Talk to more people, tell them about your Ideas. Basically keep networking, you never know what will work out for you.




To Find Models For Your Fashion Photo Shoots is not very difficult.


You just have to grab every opportunity you get to click a picture and make a good profile. Network more and tell more people about your requirements.


And when you finally find your model, then approach them with high professionalism, yet making them feel warm and comfortable working with you.


Fashion Photography
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