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May 17, 2017

I have read somewhere that the most dangerous roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. And yes, this is true. Every adventurous activity which seems tough and dangerous gives the best and experience of the world. If you are someone like me who loves the click loads of pictures whenever you are exploring a beautiful place then this article is exclusively for you. It becomes really difficult to click the photographs in the challenging environment like taking the pictures while trekking or rafting, or when you are at the highest cliff or when you are enjoying the snow. Below are few tips for photographing in the challenging environment.

There can be lots and lots of challenging environment and you may be comfortable with one environment and some environment may not at all be suitable for you. But, it all depends on you that how you take care of yourself and your camera in such situations and tackle the issues of photographing in the challenging environment.

Let us learn and explore.


One of the most challenging environments for photographing is the cold environment. Whether you are holidaying in the lap of the Himalayas or in the Antarctica, you will always be exposed to the lesser temperatures. And the sudden change of temperature has a rapid effect on the camera. So, one tip is to store the batteries of your camera in the small bag and keep it stored in the area where the temperature is a bit more, comparatively. Another tip is to secure the batteries inside your jacket or sweaters when you are out to keep it safe from the temperature.




Trekking in between the hills looks very fun and fascinating and no doubt it is fun but at the same time, it is risky. The first tip to take care is to have a perfect bag to secure all your essentials while trekking. The specially designed trek backpacks should be your choice in which also you can save your camera. Also, while trekking and camping in the hills one scenario which you will always come across are sudden rains. So, you must protect your cameras and all gears in such situation and you must have a waterproof backpack or the waterproof jacket to save these. Having a weather protection for your camera is highly advisable. Having the travel towels should also be considered important as they can be used instantly at the moment to cover the lens.




As we mentioned, that sudden change of temperature is not at all good for your camera. Especially in the hill stations, one can easily experience sunny days at one hour and heavy rains at another. Also, clicking pictures outside in the cold weather and then coming back to the shelter in the warm temperature can also be harmful to the parts of the camera. If you are in a place like Kashmir or Gulmarg and going to click great pictures there, then one technique is to take your camera out and let it settle in that temperature for a while and then start processing with it. The gears and the parts of the camera are capable of handling all kinds of weather conditions but not suddenly.






The dry and the dusty conditions mean the sand areas or the desert areas. As difficult it is to take the pictures in the between the hills, it is extremely difficult to take the pictures in between the sandy and the desert areas. Protecting the camera from the sand, dust, and dirt is a great challenge and they can trouble you a lot while clicking wonderful pictures. Keeping a cloth and a high-class durable bag is very important for your camera. You need to settle according to the climate in these situations. You need to let the wind settle and the take care of the sand dunes and then click accordingly. You must always avoid clicking pictures when the climate is not the favorable and you should also not let your cameras exposed to such scenarios. Always keep a dry towel handy to remove the dirt and the dust in case your camera comes in contact with the sand or dirt.




One of the tips which you must always keep in mind is that you must have a backup camera with you. Having a backup camera is always favorable for you. It may happen that the gears and the parts of the camera stop working due to any unsuitable weather condition, then at that case the backup camera can come to the rescue. These small technical things can help you a lot for photographing in the challenging environments.

These were some points which you must in keep in mind while photographing in the challenging environment. There can be adverse weather conditions to shoot and it is possible that you may not be able to click pictures but all if you take the advantage of these tips which is mentioned above you will be more comfortable in photographing in the challenging environment. As, I said at the beginning of this article, that all dangerous roads to the most beautiful destinations and hence we can conclude on the positive note that all challenging environment can give you great pictures if you are able to cope up with it.

Panorama Photography Nature Photography Travel Photography
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