How To Compose The Perfect Bird Photo?
Bird Photography
November 19, 2019

Bird photography is all about alertness, sync and good camera techniques. With these things, you must add good composition and you'll be successful in capturing some amazing bird photographs. And not just capture it but make every viewer feel the action, the motion and the art that is happening around in the photograph. All of this can be achieved with the right composition techniques. In this blog we will take you through a few tips and techniques in composition, that will help you to capture, artistic and perfect bird photos. 


Here Are Some Composition Techniques For Bird Photography 


The Rule Of Thirds:


This is one of the most important composition rules which you can literally use everywhere and the results will be splendid. If you master the rule of thirds in bird photography then it is certain that you'll click amazing shots always. But at the same time, you have to optimize the rule of thirds to its most. It is very common to place the object in the exact center in this grid. But you must get creative, and try to place the subject at an intersection. Especially when it's a flying bird, with its huge wings, the asymmetrical composition is going to make the photo look even better. So don't just stick to the center but explore within the rule of thirds and well. 


Have A Story To Tell:


When you want to create a story, always keep in mind that there is no right or wrong story. Every story that you convey is your version of something that you capture in your camera. In bird photography, you can create a story by giving viewers something to look at. Something that the bird is doing. You can do so, by capturing where the bird has taken a flight from or where it is taking a flight towards. Showing a little bit more of the surroundings is a good way of telling a story. For eg: if a bird takes a flight from a small pond of water, then you can capture not just the bird,  but also the water and how it drips when the bird flutters its wings. Your aim should be to create such a lively photo, that whenever you look at the photo, you'll want to get up and go for bird photography.


Be Creative Always:


While you keep in mind the rules of composition and different tricks and techniques, don't forget to be creative. Don't hesitate to experiment. There is nothing called a perfect shot, you should try different angles, locations, camera settings, etc. Change the distance from you to the bird. Try to incorporate the surround with a lot of colors, then balance these colors and tone them out. These are simple things that will make the photograph more creative and appealing to look at. 




To end this, I would like to remind you that we, humans are very creative beings. We have a great sense of colors naturally in us. Use this instinct and be an artist. 

Don't let anything stop you from capturing amazing bird photographs. You might fail or not get it right in the beginning, but once you understand the basics,  then start focusing more on the composition. 


Take little steps and don't forget to be creative.

Happy Capturing!! 

Bird Photography
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