How To Clean Your Camera After Holi -The Festival of Colors.
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March 12, 2020

Holi is a festival of colour, water and uncertainty. And as a photographer before you step out of the house, it is very important you get your gears protected and cover-up properly to go past any damage to these expensive gears.

 However even if you had protected your camera very well for the Holi event, you should definitely clean it up post the celebration too, so as to take extra measures to keep it safe. So keep reading this blog to read some great tips to take care of your camera post-Holi.


Here Are 5 Ways To Clean Your Camera Post The Holi Celebration:


Use A Lens brush:


To get started with first dust off all the dry colour from your camera using a soft bristles lens brush. Reach every corner and curves, gently clean every area until you feel like you have taken most of the dust off your camera. While you are doing so, make sure you reach into the hollows of the sensor, the lens ring, and even the insides of the battery and memory slot.


Wet Wipes:


Then take a  clean wipe and give your camera a good wiping, with a damp clean cloth, or wet wipes or the microfiber cloth made for cleaning the camera. Don’t take a very wet cloth, as the moisture might lock-in and seep into the insides of your camera, damaging the software. So let the cloth be just about moist to wipe the excess dust.


Air Blower:


You must have an Air blower if you are a travelling or an outdoor photographer. The air blower will make your job so much easier and always keep your camera clean and protected from any damage. It basically helps to remove all the specks of dust off the curves and places in your camera where you can’t reach otherwise.  


Cleaning Fluid:


At last, use cleaning fluid to wipe clear the camera for one last time, before it is ready to be used again. I suggest not to use a thinning liquid because sometimes it is a bit strong and might wear off the colour from the camera body.


Extra Precaution:


  • Do not delay this process of cleaning the camera post-Holi, do it right after, because there will be fewer chances for the dust and moisture to settle in the camera. 


  • Always remove the batteries and memory card first, so that if something goes wrong, you don’t end up blowing the battery and ruining the footages in your memory card too.


  • If you use a blow dryer to dry the moisture, then use it at a very low speed and preferably between cold air and hot air. It will keep your camera safe from any internal software related issues.




All of this is possible if you have protected your camera well on the day of Holi. And if at all you think it’s difficult to clean it up yourself, then don’t take a chance, go to a professional studio or a service center to get your gears cleaned.  After all what is a photographer without his camera? 

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