How to capture emotions in photographs
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June 23, 2017

I strongly believe that photography is an art. You see certain things and then you have in your mind to capture that exact thing in your camera and when you successfully do that thing, it is the mastery of photography. It is not as easy as it seems. We all get wooed by the beautiful nature photography we see in various photography accounts on Instagram but doing it practically is not a cup of tea of each and everyone. And this inquisitive thing about photography made me learn more about it. Keeping aside the nature photography, it is also not easy to capture the perfect emotions of people in the portraits. Many photographers cannot excel in this case. So, here are few tips to capture emotions in photographs.


This is one of the most important tips to capture emotions in photographs. As I said, photography is about seeing something and capturing that exact thing in your camera. It is not the camera but the eye of the photographer that is clicking the pictures. So, the photographer must have to connect with the person whom he is clicking. Just random selection of the location and quick photography session won't work. So, you can have a brief not so personal talk with the person without letting him know that this is your part of the work. Get o know the person and make him feel more alive at the moment and then go for the shoot.




Another great idea which is popular since always is taking unexpected shots. You can call it candid but this is something different, yet the picture comes out to be candid. You have to be ready with your camera, tripod and the camera settings and keep clicking the pictures in a usual manner. And ask the person to take a break. And while on that break you have to quick and smart enough to take unexpected shots in a flow. Trust me, these pictures turn out to be really good ones with all the genuine emotions of the person.




I have always been saying that photography is an art and photographers are artists, obviously. Also, being a photographer means you have to meet and greet with many new people on the daily basis. And meeting with new people somehow makes you prone to read people's minds and see how they feel in front of the camera. So, you have to bring the artistic person in you and try to read the people's minds and see how they feel in front of the camera. Try to understand their mood and capture the exact shots which you see in the face of the person.




There will be people who will simply let you click their pictures and mostly you have to do all the efforts and keep the mood lively and click some great pictures. But if you have some spontaneous clients and they are excited for the photography like you are, there are high chances for you to depict the emotions of the person in the photography in a much better way. So, if you come across any such client then you have to be spontaneous enough too. You have to keep the excitement level high and keep the excitement engagement going on with the client. Find out what he is liking and keep that level of spontaneity between the two of you while clicking the pictures. This is another one of the secret ways to capture emotions in photographs.




Eye speaks a lot, way more than our mouth. It speaks those things which we personally cannot say. Also, for how long have you looked straight into someone's eyes? Well, I am sure it will not be for longer hours. And the reason is that eye communication is so strong and powerful that you cannot hold for a longer time. So, being a photographer you should keep your focus on the subject's eyes. You can find many hidden emotions in their eyes and you will see this once the final picture is ready. You can capture kids and see the happiness in their eyes, capture street beggars and you can see the stress and several other emotions in their eyes, you can capture a girl after coming from the office and you can the relief and relax emotion in her eyes. So, now you know that these are great ways to capture emotions in photographs.




Well, not only face and eyes but the whole body part of a person depicts something about the person and every photographer has to see that thing in his subject. You must have a close look at your subject and see how is functioning before the camera. You need to figure out whether he is shy, confident, excited or what at that present moment. See what props he is holding and how well he is confident with it. Check out his intensity and also have a close look at his body language. The body language of a person will help you a lot in photographing the perfect emotion. This is one of the another very interesting ways to capture emotions in photographs. You will really excel if you learn such important and simple tips.



These were some of the easy ways to capture emotions in photographs. Basically, it is all about understanding and getting known with the person you are photographing. This is totally about the skills of the photographer. You need to understand that you are capturing a moment of a life of a person and that moment will stay with him forever through your photographs. So, you have to be amazing at your art in depicting their emotions.

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