How do I become A Wedding Photographer? A beginner's guide.
Wedding Photography
December 9, 2019

Photographing a wedding as a beginner can be quite intimidating, especially when you are new to this genre. Weddings are a one-time event and you cannot make mistakes in such events. A moment missed is just a moment missed, you cannot get it back.


Here are some tips you need to follow if this is your first wedding photography project.



Firstly you need to be someone who has the ability to click good photos. People who have asked you to cover their wedding have faith in you as a photographer and they know that you click good photos that’s why they are here to hire you for their wedding. Along with faith they also have expectations. So you need to be very well versed and skilled at taking good photos.


Know your camera and equipment

It looks awful and terrible when you are struggling with your camera while you ask the coupe to hold on for a particular pose. The couple is waiting and you are struggling to get the right camera settings. This is a major disaster. You should know your camera inside out. You should be able to change settings without looking on the screen. Changing lens should also be done within 20 seconds.


Be confident

A photographer is more important than the equipment. Be confident and start with your shoot. There will be situations that will be out of your control. There could be a change in lighting conditions, low light, power failure, etc. You need to stay calm and composed during the shoot. Indian wedding can go anywhere from chaotic to crazy and it’s going to be for a long day.



If this is your first wedding project. I would strongly recommend that you visit the venue where it’s going to take place. Check the lighting, the stage, the entrance and all big and small factors that will affect your photography. If possible make a checklist of what all factors you need to consider for that particular venue and event. Plan your wedding day’s equipment. Have enough batteries and memory cards. Check your equipment so that there is no last-minute disaster. Also, carry a backup camera preferably of the same brand and model so you don’t have to struggle with the setting if you switch your back up camera with your primary camera.



Discuss the shots with your client.

You can get a photo but you could miss the moment. Therefore it’s always better to discuss the shots with your client that you have in your mind. Especially during the entry of the bride and groom or during some rituals during the wedding.


Group Photos.

As your client to designate one member from each side i.e. one from the bride’s side and one from the groom's side to manage people for group photos. Family and close relatives need to be included in such group photos. Also, double-check with them if everyone is covered during group photos. Remember to take charge of the situation but at the same time don’t be bossy. Look at the group photo, the people in the crowd are looking everywhere else and not at the camera. This is a perfect example of what a group photo should not look like. Make sure everyone is looking at you in the camera while you are shooting group photos, and your photos don’t look messy.



Enjoy the Moment.

Utilize this opportunity of clicking wonderful people all day long. You will be surrounded by so many people and these people can be a great subject for your photos. So enjoy clicking them and have fun while you shoot, as this is going to be a long day.


Assist the Pro

If you are still in doubt and not sure if you can handle a wedding photography project. Assisting a Pro is the best way to start your journey in wedding photography. Get in contact with us as we have many upcoming projects. We can guide you and teach you some very basic Do’s and Don’ts of the trade.



Be it your first wedding photography project or maybe you have mastered this genre and become a pro. It’s always better to follow the tips shared in this blog.

Wedding Photography
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