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April 22, 2017

Want to go out for shoot in this Summer? Here you go... Visit these places to enjoy your summer.


It is the human tendency that we want more of everything. We generally don't want to settle for less. But by this, we definitely don't mean about summers. We are not considering the temperature in this context then why the hell is temperature giving us so much more. It is scorching heat these days in the country. And this heat generally doesn't let us to enjoy most of the stuff. Yes, you got me right, photography isn't easy in this weather. And those who think that photography means just taking a camera and clicking pictures, I would request two minutes silence for them. Elevation, halftone, time-lapse and much more such words are Gothic to these people. Well, leaving aside the negativities, let us jump up to the point about photography in summers.


Here is a list of some beautiful and exotic places in India which are fabulous for the photography in this summer season. Yes, visiting these places in this season is going to give you a wonderful vacation with splendid memories and of course the best photography time. You can have great clicks at these places as these are some of the best picturesque places. Also, to make it more fun, bet yourself with how many photos you can click. I am sure you will lose your challenge to yourself. These are the places for photography in summers.



What would be a great lifetime moment rather than going to Ladakh on a road trip? The biking moments are something which is going to stay with you always. This place is so much famous for tremendous adventure activities that taking lots of pictures of these activities will be so much fun. The glaciers, the beautiful roads, the mountains, trekking, and these things are going to be the best for photography in summers. The Pangong lake and the Thiksey monastery are places you definitely want to capture. The view of Ladakh is the best to capture in your lenses. The scenic beauty of Ladakh enables you to click a picture in which you can have at least three landforms together. Mountains, lakes, and the valley all these things in just a single frame would be just wow. Do not miss outreaching to Nubra Valley as well.





The Corbett National Park is in Uttaranchal. And Uttaranchal is one of the beautiful hill stations of India. Capturing the natural wildlife is something you don't want to miss. If you are a photographer you can definitely connect what this place means to you. This park has the best flora and fauna. The landscape is breathtaking and trusts me every photographer will be happy for his session of photography in summers in this place as compared to overrated common beaches. Can you imagine the beautiful animals in their natural shelter? How mesmerising it would be to capture them and have these memories forever with you.




Yes, it is even possible to holiday and click splendid pictures in Rajasthan in summers. Mount Abu is a popular hill station in Rajasthan. There are too many places having the perfect scenic beauty in Mount Abu. The wildlife sanctuary, Nakki lake, Abu road are few of the best places in Mount Abu for sight-seeing and clicking the pictures. The mixture of so many landscapes including the lakes, hills, wildlife and flora and fauna is going to give you a nice gallery of photographs. Mount Abu is a refreshing hill station in the Aravalli range which is a must visit this for photography in summers.





If we are mentioning the places to visit and click exotic pictures in summers in India then how can we miss the Himalayas. The Entire Himalayas is beautiful and breathtaking but Manali and Kullu are simply the best. There is so much to see in these two places. Snowfall in Manali is a must watch. The valley and road leading to Rohtang pass are the most photogenic place. Taking a break from the journey and taking pictures in between the snow and the snow mountains are going to be the best pictures. The river rafting in Manali is famous and every photographer is going to love taking these pictures of the adventurers. Manali is a beautiful and mind blowing place. The old and small huts of the natives are also pretty for the sessions of photography in summer as well.






Kodaikanal is a hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is a beautiful city in between the hill of Dindigul district. The meaning of the word Kodaikanal in Tamil means ‘the gift of the forests'. So by this name you can definitely figure out that this hill station is rich in forest and the natural greenery. This place is very beautiful and is covered with hills and is called the ‘Princess of hills'. The Pillar Rocks is one of the most beautiful places of this hill station and you can capture great pictures here especially at the early morning. Coakers walk and the Pine forest area is also very serene and beautiful. The Guna cave and the Vattakanal falls are also some of the places where you can click lots of exotic pictures and have nice photography in summers.


So, these were some of the best places to visit in summers in India to have nice and awe-inspiring photographs without feeling the heat. If you are a photographer then definitely you will like these places as you can have stunning pictures. We at Pixean absolutely understand how much it goes to click a perfect picture and hence we have jotted down here the best places suitable for photography in summer. Each of these places has a different vibe and you will get a variety of photographs in these places. All of these places have one thing in common and that is these places are cool but each one of them is different.

Street Photography Candid Photography Basic Photography
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