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September 6, 2019

Fashion photography has seen massive developments over the last century. The changes in trends have been enormous and frequent. Several fashion photographers have tried to carve out their own niche. Some of them have failed while others have written their names in history. Before we dive into the works of around 5 famous fashion photographers, let’s take a look at the different sub-genres of fashion photography.


Here Are The 4 Unique Styles To Photograph Fashion


  1. Editorial fashion photography:





Editorial Fashion Photography  is the most common genre of fashion photography. Styling takes the forefront here. In most cases, there is a story behind the image. The shoot may last for the entire day during which the model needs to shoot in the morning, evening and night attires. 


These shoots are often based on a certain theme. The main purpose of these shoots is often to sell a particular lifestyle while actually having a focus on the marketing of the actual products.


  1. High fashion photography:





Unlike in case of editorial fashion photography, this is actually in complete contrast to reality. Makeup, attires are all over the top. You normally won’t find people wearing these in everyday life. 


These shoots don’t have a story behind. They are mainly done to depict an alternate reality. The creativity with the over the top makeup designs and fancy costumes offer a sense of fantasy.


Check out more tips for High Fashion Photography here


  1. Catalog fashion photography:





As the name suggests, this is done to create catalogs. A catalog is like a menu in which all the products are on display. Similarly when the fashion photographer is approached by the particular apparel brand to shoot their products, the photographer needs to make a list of the entire set of products for which the shots are required. 


Unlike in cases of high fashion photography and editorial fashion photography, the products actually take the center stage here. Hence the backgrounds of these images are quite simple and single-colored to make sure that the entire attention is grabbed by the clothes themselves. This is perhaps the most hassle-free genre of fashion photography.


  1. Street fashion photography:





This is a new type of fashion photography. These shoots are mainly done on streets with the latest trends. It is all about capturing the feel of the dressing sense of the common people, how they react to such designs and how they perceive fashion. 


This is done mainly to connect the audience to the latest fashion styles. Presence of such costumes on streets enables the viewers to put further belief in such products.


Now Let’s Take A Look At The Works Of 5 Famous Fashion Photographers And The Styles They Believed In:


Helmut Newton:


One of the most famous fashion photographers of all time, Newton enthralled everyone with his provocative style of black and white image.


Steven Meisel :


He is well known for his controversial style of editorial fashion photography. He had a great imagination and this showed clearly in his works. In fact, it is due to this range of imagination he achieved a lot in the fields of editorial fashion photography as well as advertising fashion photography.


Check out his photography here



Richard Avedon:


A famous American fashion photographer, Avedon focused more on the personality aspect of his fashion portraits. His images normally had a funny side too. The most significant aspect of his photography was that he tried to do away with the frozen portrait style. He had this fantastic ability to have all his subjects at a brilliant comfort zone in his images. As a result of this, the portraits seemed a lot more connected to life. His portraits are mostly well lit and the use of white backgrounds is common.


Find his creations here



Mario Testino:


A brilliant photographer from Peru, Testino is still one of the most iconic photographers. He is known for his vibrant portraits which cover a combination of cultural and commercial aspects of the society. The thing that really worked for him is the perspective of fashion photography that he had to offer through the spontaneity and intimacy of his portraits.


Check out his official website here



Guy Bourdin:


A French fashion photographer, Bourdin is known for his shocking and stunning style of portraiture. His deviation from the typical concept of fashion photography stunned everyone. Normally we see that fashion shoots are built around the beauty, glamour and costume designs. However Guy Bourdin dared to offer an entirely different perspective.


Know more here





Fashion photography has several unique styles. Famous photographers have appeared and made their own marks in the ever growing and never disappointing field of fashion photography. This genre of photography has been on the incline since the past century and with the rise in the number of high quality photographers, this surely will not change any time soon.

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