Complete Beginners Guide To Aerial Photography
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March 16, 2020

With new technology, it has become so easy to capture aerial photography, which was earlier considered as a very rare and expensive genre of photography. But not a lot of brands make drone cameras for all sorts of requirements. From beginners to absolute professionals. And with these cameras and a lit bit of understanding of it, you can become an aerial photographer too.

But before you jump into drone photography, here are a few things you should know about drones and their usage as a beginner. 


Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Aerial Photography Using A Drone


Know About Drones:


There are a lot of drones available in the market, as the fad of aerial photography has taken a rise. And it is often very confusing to select a drone that will suit your requirements and professional level. But to give you a gist, there are basically two kinds of drones, with a built-in camera and another one where you can attach your own camera. The built-in camera drone is often very heavy and bulky. The camera is also of average resolution. But it is great for absolute beginners. On the other hand, professionals use a custom camera where they attach their own camera like a GoPro to a much lighter drone body.

Before buying your drone, you should also look for the utility of the drone. Some are only capable of flying at a very low height and some reach far up to kilometers. Some are only used in daylight and some shoot great even under low light. 

All these factors plus the level of skills you have around drones will give you clarity before buying yourself one.


Learn The Rules & Regulations To Fly Drone:


Every stage, region or a small place has its own rules of flying drones and it is very important that you abide by the rules and they are concerning of other people's privacy. The first thing to keep in mind is that, unlike other photography, drone photography needs a license to own a drone and use it. And under this license, you are committing that you are not going to forbid the law of any place. So you should always make sure you have complete knowledge of a place and aerial photography there. If you move to a new place, make sure you get a permission letter from the local authority to allow you to use the drone.

If you are caught going against the permissions, then it might lead to a heavy fine or your license could be canceled. 


Post Processing Is Your Best Friend:


The major difficulty in drone photography is that you never get the same shot twice, unlike landscape photography. So even if you set your camera in great settings, you might actually end up getting a picture that is not very ideal. However, post-processing is going to save your photograph, single-handedly. You can fix the errors using various software. But besides learning to use a drone, you must also invest time to learn post-processing the pictures that you take.




Well, this was just the basics of drone photography and there is certainly more into it that you should know about. So if any of this interests you, then jump into our next blogs to learn various tips and techniques of becoming an amazing aerial photographer. 

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