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Amit K Srivastava
October 6, 2016

Photography can infuse animation in the inert

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Photography was my step towards exploring the infinite possibilities. It helps me tweak the world as per my imagination and then click and treasure a different perception which changes with time. That’s the magic of photography! But is it that a point-and-shoot camera having large exterior clicks better pictures than the one with compact body? We’ve answered that for you here in this blog.

What makes point-and-shoot camera large?

There are many cameras that come with large zoom lenses. They have larger bodies to fit those bizarre 40x or plus zooms. Now the large exterior does provide ergonomic comfort, i.e. it is easier to hold than compact body cameras. However, the bigger bodies are usually inferior to compact ones that have large sensors like Sony RX100.

Sony RX100



Are the point and shoots with large exteriors really better than compact ones?

Considering the value of brevity in today’s world, it’s a no. The large bodies don’t give the cameras the ability to take better quality images. It is the sensor.  The larger the sensor, the greater are the chances the camera will click better photos. However, it is not the only factor. Hence, I have mentioned that it increases the chances of clicking enhanced quality images. 

Now there are big bodied cameras that have bigger sensors too. But they don’t give the similar zoom range as that of megazoom cameras. For instance, FZ1000 is a point and shoot camera that has a wide zoom range which gives this megazoom camera a big exterior like that of DSLRs. However, the megazooms are far away from the dynamic functionalities of DSLRs.




Downsides of heavier cameras

Point and shoot cameras that are heavy and large do give you more steadiness when in hand while performing functions like adjusting shutter speed, and image stabilization. However, the drawback is that you are less likely to keep and carry it with you.

As I have already mentioned, the image quality and camera’s ability has little to do with its large exterior. Look for a camera that has a large sensor, good battery life and viewfinder. The picture quality highly relies on the sensor-and-lens combination. The lens size can again affect your camera size. For instance, Sony’s rx100 and rx10, both have 1’’ sensor but different zoom optical range lens. The rx10 is quite bulkier than rx100 but has no noteworthy contribution in boosting photograph quality. The Sony rx100, though small, provides high quality shots and competes with various entry-level large DSLRs.


To end on an unbiased note, there are reasons to view large point and shoot cameras as beneficial like for ergonomic reasons. However, point and shoot refers to shoot without worrying about accessories, and adjustments. Putting the features that make point and shoot cameras bulky revokes the point of being able to simple point and shoot. It’s better to go for good quality DSLRs if size matter to you as it also provides far-better features, creative control and possibilities!

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