Challenge The Inner Photographer In You - 5 Amazing Tips For Smartphone Photography
Mobile Photography
August 21, 2019

Have you ever got mesmerized looking at some pictures on Instagram and guess if they were shot on a mobile phone? Did it come to your mind of producing such high-end shots with your smartphone camera?


Here, I am going to mention a few points which can help you understand how you can produce such amazing shots with your smartphone.


1. A Well-lit Ambience Can Add Great Mood To Your Picture

Find the best and well-lit environment for your picture. It could be an outdoor with soft cloudy light or sun with shade areas filled with natural light. Coming to an indoor setting, it could be a well-settled mood with colourful lights.


You have to understand how important lights can be to make your photo look clear and professional.



Captured by Irina Oreshina



2. Get Closer To The Subject

To get a clear view of the subject, you must try to get as close to the subject as you can. Zooming in too much is not the solution. It will, in fact, pixelate the image.  


Taking the camera closer will give you a clear image and you will always have a chance to zoom it in while editing.


3. Be Creative With Your Composition

Using composition techniques will give your smartphone pictures a professional feel. Some popular techniques you can use are, ‘Rule of Thirds’ where you divide a frame into 9 grids and align the elements accordingly. ‘Symmetry’ is also a popular way of composing.


Always remember, there are no defined angles to click a picture. Try everything you want, upper, lower, side, middle or any other angle.



‘Rule of thirds’ 




‘Symmetry Photography’ 



4. Be Crazy And Experiment Fiercely

Experimenting is very essential in photography. You must try various angles, lighting and composition techniques to get good shots. It is very rare that you will get the desired shot in the first go.  You must prepare yourself to keep on trying until you’re satisfied and then try some more. You never know what will end up looking great as a final product.


Also, keep in mind to never delete the pictures immediately. You can always fill your smartphone gallery and then later decide which one you like the most.


5. Use Editing Apps For Extra Effect

There are multiple editing apps available on our smartphone. Try to edit your pictures using those applications.


They offer various automatic filters to enhance the beauty of your photos. Or try manual editing; it’s a very pleasant thing to see your pictures change from basic to beautiful.



Before and After Editing 



So remember these five essential tips on your next smartphone photo shoot and you will see a positive change in your photography.


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Mobile Photography
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