Sep 6, 2018
Thank you to all those photographers who shared their best photos from their product photography experiments. We are super excited to announce the Winners of our Product Photography Contest. Congratulations Varsha Chakrapani, Renjith R, Jagdish Choudhary, Avdhoot Fox and Priyanka Rozario on winning the contest!! Photo By: Varsha Chakrapani Photo By: Renjith R  Photo By: Jagdish Choudhary Photo By: Avdhoot Fox Photo By: Priyanka Rozario All the contest winners take home exclusive Pixean t-shirts....
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Jul 20, 2018
Our users, you beloved Pixeaners, gave a huge response to our Lifestyle Photography Contest. We received over 2200 entries in this contest. Participants depicted the kind of life their subjects lead, through their photographs. The picture depicting a day in the life of the fishermen in Kolkata, captured by Aniruddha Pal is phenomenal. Congratulations Aniruddha on winning the contest!! You have won a Tamrac 5422 Aria Moss Green Camera Bag powered by our contest associate partner Fotocentre India....
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Jun 16, 2018
We are super excited to announce the winner of our recently concluded Food Photography Contest!! Good food fixes your bad mood. Similarly, food photos offer a visual treat to the observers.The contest participants uploaded some fantastically artistic and creative food photos as contest entries. We are delighted to have received such a huge response to our contest in the form of over 2500 photo submissions.The photos ranged from minimalistic depiction of food to a dramatic picturisation of the fo...
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Jun 7, 2018
We are eager to announce the winners of our Shoot Your Love to Travel photography contest. We received over 6500 photos as contest entries. The contest ran across categories like Cityscape & Culture, Flora & Fauna, Nature & Landscape and People & Portraits. We are grateful to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! Tamanita Kundu's capture of the fishermen in action at the Odisha shoreline is the best in the category of Nature & Landscapes. Congratulations Tamanita...
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Apr 27, 2018
We are excited to announce the winner of our Mobile Photography Contest. We received over 1300 photo submissions across diverse categories for this contest.The stunning picture of Hotel Taj Mahal Palace captured in its glory by Rishad V stood out amongst all the photo submissions. Congratulations Rishad V!!Photo By: Rishad V We thank all our participants for such a wonderful response to our photo contest. We look forward to your amazing pictures in each of the photo contests on Pixean.
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Mar 28, 2018
We are delighted to announce the winners of our recently concluded Insta-Open Photo Contest. The photo submissions were across diverse categories because of the open nature of the contest.Here are the 10 photo submissions that captivated our panel of judges.  Photo By: Ayanendu De Photo By: Hemant Kutre Photo By: Saurabha B Photo By: Sidhesh.N Photo By:Arghya Bhakta Photo By:Rajendraprasad Bingi  Photo By: Prithvi Raj Photo By:Nimejaison Photo By:Pravin Kumar Photo By:Tanvi Chadha Congratulation...
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Mar 9, 2018
Anything Vintage Photo Contest was flooded with some amazing photo submissions, from old monuments to exotic locales, watches, phones, cars and bikes of timeless brands, old people and many more. Our judges had to sift through entries and arrive at a consensus. Many photos stood out for their picture composition as well as the heart-warming stories conveyed through them.So which pictures captivated our judges? Picture by Jayadev I R is the winning photo submission. The picture speaks volumes abo...
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Feb 27, 2018
Since Feb beginning, we have been handpicking best entries from the impressive photo submissions to our Wedding Moments Photography contest. And we have a Winner! Congratulations Emborlang Sayo!His picture captioned “The Journey” is the winning entry for the Wedding Moments Photography Contest on Pixean.  Photo By: Emborlang Sayo The picture defied all odds and stood out because of its excellent composition. Monochrome tone lent the picture a dramatic and artistic look. We received some amazing ...
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Feb 27, 2018
We are excited to announce the winner of our Macro Photography Contest. After browsing through over 400 amazing photo submissions, we have finally found our winner! A macro eyeshot of Robber Fly submitted by Sugan Raj S is the winning entry. Congratulations Sugan!  Photo By: Sugan Raj S Contest entries showcased and explored the fascinating tiny world of insects and other macro components of the nature. To view all contest entries, click here.We thank all the participants for submitting their en...
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Feb 14, 2018
Street Stories Photo Contest hosted by Pixean received a humongous response. Contest entries depicted the street life across India. Some entries portrayed the hustle and bustle of the city streets while some characterized the tranquillity and peace worn by the streets during early morning hours. The photos showcased variety emotions and the eventful nature of the Indian streets. From a lady bargaining with a fruit vendor to a local ‘darji’ reading his early morning newspaper with his cup of tea,...
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