Apr 11, 2018
Bird photography is quite an interesting genre of photography. Whether you want to capture a bird nesting in your garden or capture them in the wild bird photography gives you an opportunity to connect with nature. The single most important aspect of bird photography is to ensure that you do not cause the birds any discomfort or harm. Read up on birds, observe their behavior and learn to spot signs of stress – this will help you predict their behavior to some extent and will let you know when yo...
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Wildlife photography is something which is endearing, amazing and one of the best enchanting experiences. Leave aside the photography, the sight of a wildlife sanctuary is much pleasant in itself. And if you have a photographer within you then capturing the wildlife is always on your wish list. But, wildlife photography is not as easy as the other photography as living creatures are involved in it. They are not the humans who would obey your orders or can understand your work. They will be extre...
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