Mar 22, 2019
We have read about crystal balls in fairytales. We have seen characters peeking into the future with the help of these mystic objects. Gone are those days for sure or are they? Jumping back to reality, we suddenly have crystal balls in use. Crystal ball photography is a highly creative genre of photography wherein we enhance our images with the help of a crystal ball in the foreground. Obviously, they don’t let us see the future but they don’t seem any less magical though. Landscape photography ...
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Mar 1, 2019
“Let's plan something for the upcoming holidays” or “I love to travel” Sounds familiar. Right? Considering the pictures posted on social media these days, Travel has become a hot topic and Travel Photography a most-sought-after option.  Traveling the world, capturing a beautiful location, its people, different cultures and customs seem very exciting. Almost like a dream job!! But then nothing comes easy J.  You need to sacrifice a lot of time and put in a great amount of hard work for that. None...
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Jan 18, 2019
How do you actually show an entire event to your viewers in a short span of time? Realistically speaking, they will not be interested to see the video of the entire phenomenon. As a result, you will have to show the content in a much more interesting way. Presenting a time-lapse video is a solution. A time-lapse is nothing but showing a long event in a very short duration of time. This can be done to shoot everything ranging from sunsets to cooking recipes. Time-lapse videos have become quite co...
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May 17, 2017
I have read somewhere that the most dangerous roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. And yes, this is true. Every adventurous activity which seems tough and dangerous gives the best and experience of the world. If you are someone like me who loves the click loads of pictures whenever you are exploring a beautiful place then this article is exclusively for you. It becomes really difficult to click the photographs in the challenging environment like taking the pictures while trekking or ra...
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Jul 9, 2018
Panorama refers to a very wide angled view of some space. This may include paintings, drawings and photographs. Panoramic photography fascinates everyone. This is because it is a combination of multiple frames stitched together. Such wide angled shots are something which we cannot see in our real life. Panoramic shots take a lot of practice to master. The process is not only time consuming and tedious, there are several tit bits one needs to take care of, all the time. Panorama option is already...
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Jan 25, 2019
The word Photography literally means the study of light. There can be no photography if there is no light at all. Photography requires the skills of using light to your advantage to make images artistically. There can be two types of lighting in any condition, artificial light, and natural light. Natural light refers to the light sources present in nature. Natural light is not under our control. It may differ from place to place and from time to time. Artificial light sources can vary in size, i...
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Dec 5, 2018
We are always bewildered about what is happening outside our world. For all of you who are highly interested in star gazing, night sky and constellations, this is going to be an experience of a lifetime. And for those who are not into the night sky at all, this will be a unique experience! I used to belong to the latter category. Photography is an illimitable art form. Time-lapse photography is a perfect example of that. Why time-lapse then? Well, we always want to see things we have never seen....
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Jun 27, 2018
Technology is growing like a wildfire. This rapid growth of technology is affecting all forms of life. It is changing the way we look at certain things. The field of photography is no exception. There have been significant developments in technology in the field of photography.  Artificial intelligence is creeping into photography big time! Artificial intelligence powered cameras have become hands-free cameras because of the voice recognition feature. So what is this AI? Going by a lame man's de...
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Jun 21, 2019
Photography is a journey of creativity. With the rapid rise in the number of creative photographers, beautiful images are being made every day. If you want to wow your viewers, you need a lot more than the simple basics of photography. Filters added to the beauty and creativity of photography. There are several types of filters available in the market; each type of filter addressing a different issue. Polarizing filters are used to reduce the reflections from shinier surfaces. This filter change...
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Mar 29, 2019
A crystal ball seems mythical and magical, even now! It somehow takes us back to the glorious fairytale days of our pasts. The crystal ball has started to make its mark in the world of photography and how! Whenever the creativity in photography seems to get close to any point of saturation, new magic creeps up. A crystal ball is one such magic. Let us take a look at the following tips on how to use the crystal ball to the maximum potential…                               Image courtesy:
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Jul 6, 2018
If you are a photography enthusiast, you must have already heard of the term panorama. Going by the definition, a panorama is nothing but a very wide-angled view of a space. This includes paintings, drawings and photographs. In case you are an absolute beginner in photography, the extra elongated views of landscape photographs can lead you to a lot of confusion. This is because you just cannot get such a large viewing angle with a normal camera. You may think of a very wide-angle lens or a fishe...
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Apr 24, 2019
And thus began my odyssey with Bhutan. A long pending destination to be ticked off the bucket list. As the aircraft accelerated for take-off, I was exhilarated.  The yearning to be lost into the unknown was finally a reality. Next few days would be pure bliss... After all, I was going to the land of Happiness!!A good three hours flight and I was at the Bagdogra airport waiting for Shruti, my travel partner. After a little haggling with the cab drivers to drop us off at Phuentsholing, we finally ...
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