Feb 5, 2018
In order to achieve desirable results, there are some important variables to consider when using macro filters, like the filter size, depth of field, magnification, image clarity and light source.Source  Filter SizeThe larger the filter, the greater the cost, and that’s not surprising. The size of the opening at the front of the lens is a standard to determine the size of macro filters that must be fitted. Also keep in mind, the quality of the optical glass used in the filter will also increase ...
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Feb 2, 2018
SourceThe extension tube is an attachment used between the body of the camera and the lens. There is no glass involved so there is no optical disturbance in the quality of the image. The Extension tube helps to get closer to the subject beyond minimum focusing distance of the lens. You can also fill the frame with more of it, and still achieve your focus. The extension tube not only helps you to get closer but also limits how far a subject can be from the lens.Top Lens Extension TubesSince exten...
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