Dec 5, 2018
We are always bewildered about what is happening outside our world. For all of you who are highly interested in star gazing, night sky and constellations, this is going to be an experience of a lifetime. And for those who are not into the night sky at all, this will be a unique experience! I used to belong to the latter category. Photography is an illimitable art form. Time-lapse photography is a perfect example of that. Why time-lapse then? Well, we always want to see things we have never seen....
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Nov 30, 2018
In case you have heard the term hyper lapse photography and wondering how it is different from time lapse photography, you have just arrived at the correct place. Now what is time lapse photography? It is a type of photography in which an event is shown in a much shorter duration of time. The entire event seems sped up, creating a lot of excitement in the final video. Once the shots are taken, they are processed and later put together in a video sequence to manufacture the final product. Hyper l...
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Nov 28, 2018
Time-lapse photography involves the stitching together of several images to form a video. It has the ability to depict an entire event in a much shorter duration of time. However, as we all know, the video is not actually sped up. So how is this achieved? Well, time-lapse photography involves certain parameters like time interval and number of shots. The time interval is the interval between two successive shots. For example, if you are shooting a time-lapse with an interval of 10 seconds betwee...
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Nov 26, 2018
Time lapse videos depict an entire event in a much shorter duration of time. They are played at great speed and hence enthral the viewers. Time lapse photography takes a lot of practice to attain perfection. There are kits dedicated to this genre of photography. They may not be mandatory but they go a long way in helping you achieve excellence. There are a few other nuances involved in this that not many are aware of. We don’t think of these while we are getting ready for the shoot and this beco...
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Sep 12, 2018
Sunbursts and starbursts are wonderful effects used to enhance several types of images. These effects can be shot on the field or introduced in post processing. Light bursting out of any light source is called a sunburst effect. We have all seen several landscapes and street images in which the presence of a sunburst is prominent. Now, anything that we don’t normally observe is a fantasy. Starbursts are not clearly view able by the naked eye. So the presence of sunbursts in certain images grabs ...
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Jul 30, 2018
Have you ever seen the magnificent movement of the clouds frozen in a single frame? Or the silky-smooth water of a water body? You certainly must have, since these kinds of images have gained huge popularity in recent times. These are examples of long exposure photographs. Ok, so what is a long exposure photograph? From the name itself, you can guess that the exposure time in these images are longer than normal. On technical terms, the shutter speed used to take these images is slow. Before I pr...
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Jun 22, 2018
With the number of artistic entrepreneurs rising every day, this is an ever lingering question. Can you actually turn your creative art skill into a career? For example, you have a huge passion for photography, an intense creative art skill. When do you know that you can actually turn it into a full time career? You may have seen a friend of yours leave the day job to start his own photography business. This may seem to be a very cool and tempting option. But can you actually do it then and ther...
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Jun 20, 2018
The word noise itself tells you that it is not something pleasant. Photographs with digital noise in them are often rejected by most photographers around. Grainy images are so hated by the photographer’s fraternity. So what is this digital noise that is creating such a furor? It is nothing but a grainy distortion created by an electronic phenomenon. This normally happens when we boost the ISO value in our cameras. This can be corrected up to some extent in post-processing by using the noise redu...
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Jun 6, 2018
The wide shots of majestic landscapes enthrall us with all their might. The beauty of such shots pushes us into believing that wide angle lenses are all we need to shoot such grandeur. It is true that wide angle lenses are mostly used for landscape photography and the reason is obvious. The wider the lens, the more of the scenery you can include in your frame. But is landscape photography limited to wide angle lenses only?Before you answer this question, think about what photography actually is....
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May 25, 2018
A year after I had heard the term HDR, I actually got to know the unabbreviated form of it. Another couple of years later, when I got into serious photography, did I actually understand the meaning of High Dynamic Range. This might be familiar to a lot of you. Well, so what is this high dynamic range?  In a landscape shot, you have varying exposures at different parts of your frame. For example, the sky is too bright compared to the mountains. The trees will appear dark. The rest of the landscap...
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Apr 6, 2018
Beaches are a great place for photography. The magnanimous sea, the play of colors by the sun, the people – there is a lot that can be captured. Here are a few tips on how to do it right.SunsetThere isn’t a more mesmerizing play of colors in a scene than in a sunset by the beach. You can find the time and duration of sunset at your location using apps like The Photographer’s Ephemeris .Check out Seascape Basicsto know more about the list of basic preparation and equipment required for seascape p...
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Nov 20, 2017
If you have a look at some of the photographer's work then you will always find his portfolio or his social media pages filled with pictures of nature, landscape, flowers, seas, water and more. And the reason is that there are so many options available where you can click photographs of nature. There is a lot to experience for every photographer in such areas. If you are an amateur or a budding photographer, then we suggest you that you must try your hands on all sorts of nature photography. Wat...
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