Dec 5, 2018
We are always bewildered about what is happening outside our world. For all of you who are highly interested in star gazing, night sky and constellations, this is going to be an experience of a lifetime. And for those who are not into the night sky at all, this will be a unique experience! I used to belong to the latter category. Photography is an illimitable art form. Time-lapse photography is a perfect example of that. Why time-lapse then? Well, we always want to see things we have never seen....
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Nov 28, 2018
Time-lapse photography involves the stitching together of several images to form a video. It has the ability to depict an entire event in a much shorter duration of time. However, as we all know, the video is not actually sped up. So how is this achieved? Well, time-lapse photography involves certain parameters like time interval and number of shots. The time interval is the interval between two successive shots. For example, if you are shooting a time-lapse with an interval of 10 seconds betwee...
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Jun 6, 2018
The wide shots of majestic landscapes enthrall us with all their might. The beauty of such shots pushes us into believing that wide angle lenses are all we need to shoot such grandeur. It is true that wide angle lenses are mostly used for landscape photography and the reason is obvious. The wider the lens, the more of the scenery you can include in your frame. But is landscape photography limited to wide angle lenses only?Before you answer this question, think about what photography actually is....
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May 25, 2018
A year after I had heard the term HDR, I actually got to know the unabbreviated form of it. Another couple of years later, when I got into serious photography, did I actually understand the meaning of High Dynamic Range. This might be familiar to a lot of you. Well, so what is this high dynamic range?  In a landscape shot, you have varying exposures at different parts of your frame. For example, the sky is too bright compared to the mountains. The trees will appear dark. The rest of the landscap...
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Mar 19, 2018
Cityscapes are urban landscapes.Whether you are tourist or a resident you will find yourself with an opportunity for capturing a cityscape image. Generally wide angle lens are used for cityscape photography. Tripods are also a part of cityscape photography as it includes a lot of movement by vehicles or people.Tripods are also used for night cityscape photography and long exposure shots. There are a lot of cityscape images that already exist based on commonly used techniques. Here are a few tips...
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Feb 26, 2018
Landscape photography opens us up to the various aspects of a landscape. The same landscape can convey a vast array of things based on how it is photographed. Here are a few tips to ensure you capture them right.Trifecta of good landscape photography: location, season and time.It goes without saying that researching and obtaining relevant knowledge about a landscape will definitely help in capturing better images. Certain seasons might bring out the best aspects  of a particular landscape which ...
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May 26, 2017
The love for something is as such that it will make you crave for it for a lot and also you will always want to experiment with lots of stuff to improve your creativity. And yes, I am talking about the photography. If you love photography or if photography is your hobby then you will probably feel me when I say that I always feel to photograph every new thing and increase my creativity and also enhance my photography skills. From rest of all other things, I feel photographing water is quite a ch...
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May 25, 2017
Landscape photography is something which is too beautiful and appealing. Every photograph which is taken in the landscape form is ultimately more attractive and gorgeous. Every photographer or a budding photographer always wishes to have neat photography in the landscape background. But those beautiful landscape backgrounds are something which is not so easy to find and start the shoots. I sometimes genuinely wonder that where on the earth are these beautiful places. But at the end, it is all th...
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May 17, 2017
I have read somewhere that the most dangerous roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. And yes, this is true. Every adventurous activity which seems tough and dangerous gives the best and experience of the world. If you are someone like me who loves the click loads of pictures whenever you are exploring a beautiful place then this article is exclusively for you. It becomes really difficult to click the photographs in the challenging environment like taking the pictures while trekking or ra...
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May 10, 2017
Panorama is a great feature which has definitely made life so much easier. Before it was tough because the photographers had to take different images from different desired angles and then stitch them together by overlaying. But, then entered the panorama! Panorama is a word which is derived from two Greek words pan and horama. Pan means everything and the horama mean the view. So, Panorama basically means the entire view or the view of everything. Panorama is a great feature in the camera which...
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May 3, 2017
Be it any season but I am sure you never give up on your hobby, right? Yes, like reading and dancing are my hobbies which I never tend to give up because I like it. But these are some of the indoor hobbies which have nothing to do with the weather. Well, one of my hobbies is photography. And this hobby definitely has to do many things with the weather. Clicking pictures in this weather is really a challenge but still, there are some best things to shoot in summer. I feel every season has some sp...
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Apr 22, 2017
Want to go out for shoot in this Summer? Here you go... Visit these places to enjoy your summer. It is the human tendency that we want more of everything. We generally don't want to settle for less. But by this, we definitely don't mean about summers. We are not considering the temperature in this context then why the hell is temperature giving us so much more. It is scorching heat these days in the country. And this heat generally doesn't let us to enjoy most of the stuff. Yes, you got me right...
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