Mar 15, 2019
Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar once quoted “We eat with our eyes and first impressions are everlasting”.  He was spot on with that as I am often impressed with the colorful presentation of the cuisines, be it at restaurants or the food magazines and cookbooks in the advertising industry. Yes, the visual appeal has become a very important factor of the Food industry which brings me to pen my tips on Food Photography.  Food photography isn't just randomly clicking a whats-on-my-plate picture intended...
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Jan 18, 2019
How do you actually show an entire event to your viewers in a short span of time? Realistically speaking, they will not be interested to see the video of the entire phenomenon. As a result, you will have to show the content in a much more interesting way. Presenting a time-lapse video is a solution. A time-lapse is nothing but showing a long event in a very short duration of time. This can be done to shoot everything ranging from sunsets to cooking recipes. Time-lapse videos have become quite co...
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Apr 13, 2018
Food – it’s everywhere and everyone loves it. The rise in popularity of social networking sites has led to an exponential growth in the number of food photographers. To add to it you do not need fancy equipment to get started with food photography; anyone with a basic camera or even a good phone camera can get started with food photography. The scope of food photography in today’s world is unlimited. You can find professional food photographers with thousands of followers on Instagram and other ...
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Oct 31, 2017
Food photography has been very popular lately and we can surely applaud Instagram for this. Earlier professionals used to capture the food from various places and upload it on Google or on the restaurant's website, or some food ordering apps. But now, since every person has a smart phone with them, how can they resist to capture the fancy food they eat. We see lots and lots of posts on Instagram of food on daily basis with creative hashtags and the pretty filters. We believe most of the people a...
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Dec 18, 2016
A high quality food photograph has to have passion spread all over it. The love for food must come from within. While in post-production, if you don't start craving for it, you have not done a good enough work! Off all kinds of photography, I find this the most challenging. This may surprise a lot of people given that the subjects here are still and the photographer has everything in control, right from the background to the lighting. However the very purpose of food photography, which is to bri...
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