Jan 11, 2019
Portrait photography takes a lot of effort to master. Like most other genres of photography, a lot of technical expertise is required to make attractive portrait images. You need to be thorough with the basic concepts of photography. Portrait photography is actually quite a vast genre of photography. When we hear the term portrait photography, we may be limited to thinking about the studios and the lights within but in reality, there can be several types of portraits. While shooting portraits in...
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Jan 4, 2019
Portrait photography is a game of light and poses. We can use this to depict several emotions of the same subject with the help of different types of lighting effects. We have normally come across something called the 3 point lighting setup. The first one is the key light source, the second one is the fill light and the third can be used as a rim light or hair light. Although this may seem complex at first, regular practice can render this quite simple. What if we try to simplify this further by...
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Dec 21, 2018
Portrait photography involves emotions. The variety of human emotions is enormous and hence there are several types of portraitures. A portrait may not be describing the entire life of a person but it can depict the current condition of the person. The visible emotions in your portraiture will determine the beauty of your shot. A portrait may be a story telling one, an emotional one or even a fashionista! There are certain guidelines to shooting portraits. They are obviously not rules that are m...
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Dec 14, 2018
Colors and creativity go hand in hand in photography. Neon themed portrait shoot is a great example of this. You must have seen portraits with bright flashes of colors in the background or even in the foreground. Such portraits are called neon themed portraits. These look quite attractive and hence are often used in magazine cover shots, posters etc. In neon themed portraits you have the opportunity to be extremely creative with lights. The normal lighting setup rules of portrait photography are...
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Dec 7, 2018
If you are a photographer, you will get requests for portrait photography and it doesn’t even matter which genre of photography you are interested in! So basically, you may be bitten by the landscape bug but you still need to learn how to shoot portraits. Friends and family look out for photographers who can take great portraits of theirs and you, as a photographer will be no exception. The challenge here is that most of them are not going to be models. They will not be having any idea about pos...
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Jul 25, 2018
Fashion has a huge impact on our culture for long. It has been there for ages now. Fashion photography has become a huge industry in itself. There are several high quality fashion photographers around. Most of them are doing a fantastic job of keeping up with the latest trends and helping them spread to all parts of the world. For a beginner in fashion photography, breaking into the industry may seem to be a very daunting task. However with a lot of practice and by following the correct path, it...
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Jul 23, 2018
Fashion photography has seen massive developments over the last century. The changes in trends have been enormous and frequent. Several fashion photographers have tried to carve out their own niche. Some of them have failed while others have written their names in history. Before we dive in to the works of around 10 famous fashion photographers, let us take a look at the different sub genres of fashion photography.SOURCEFashion photography can be categorized into 4 main categories:1) Editorial f...
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Jul 16, 2018
Fashion photography has been there since ages. Fashions have come and gone with generations. The old fashions became unpopular and hence new trends came up only to pave way for newer trends. The beautiful thing about fashion is that the old trends do not fade away entirely. They do stay in the minds of the people. They are later used as a different sort of a fashion trend. Fashion photography is quite a lucrative field of photography. Many prefer it for the pay it involves while some prefer it f...
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Nov 8, 2017
One of the most trending thing which you must be seeing on the social media these days, apart from celebrities and memes are the pictures of bloggers. You must yourself be following some fashion bloggers, travel or the food bloggers. They are super trending these days. Well, fashion blogging is sort of a modeling where the fashion bloggers get their pictures clicked by professional or budding photographers. Also, the pictures which you must be seeing are mostly of the daytime and are outdoors. T...
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Jan 5, 2017
You may or may not be a photographer but you have to admit that fashion photography plays an important part in your lifestyle. Fashion photography refers to that genre of photography which is directed towards the display of different kind of apparels, jewelry and other wearables.  The several fashion photographs you normally come across are shot indoors. There is a debate whether indoor fashion photography is easier and simpler than outdoor fashion photography. I am not sure that is the case tho...
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Jan 3, 2017
Whether or not you are a photographer, you have to admit that outdoor fashion photography not only plays a very important part in your lifestyle but also mesmerizes you sometimes. Fashion photography as you will know, is that genre of photography which is directed towards the display of different kind of apparels.  You may have come across indoor fashion photographs more often than not but outdoor fashion photography looks even more stunning if shot well.SOURCELet us take a deeper look at outdoo...
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Dec 26, 2016
Portraits demand perfect lighting, be it natural or strobes. There will be projects worth undertaking, demanding portraits in the dark or in the evening. In either case natural light simply won't be enough. You will have to use artificial lights either as key light or fill light or even hair light.sourceLet us discuss the possibilities. Firstly, we will talk about portraits during the golden hours. These portraits can be fabulous if taken properly. With the golden sunset in the background, the s...
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