Apr 26, 2019
Whenever we think of sharp images, we focus on the camera and the lens. The prices of the camera body and the lenses start playing in and around our minds. The general thought is that the costlier the camera gear the better the quality of images. What we fail to notice is that even basic camera gear can produce sharp images. The sharpness and quality of the images don’t entirely lie in the hands of your camera body or lens. Stability is a critical aspect of image sharpness and hence a tripod or ...
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Mar 1, 2019
“Let's plan something for the upcoming holidays” or “I love to travel” Sounds familiar. Right? Considering the pictures posted on social media these days, Travel has become a hot topic and Travel Photography a most-sought-after option.  Traveling the world, capturing a beautiful location, its people, different cultures and customs seem very exciting. Almost like a dream job!! But then nothing comes easy J.  You need to sacrifice a lot of time and put in a great amount of hard work for that. None...
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Apr 11, 2018
Bird photography is quite an interesting genre of photography. Whether you want to capture a bird nesting in your garden or capture them in the wild bird photography gives you an opportunity to connect with nature. The single most important aspect of bird photography is to ensure that you do not cause the birds any discomfort or harm. Read up on birds, observe their behavior and learn to spot signs of stress – this will help you predict their behavior to some extent and will let you know when yo...
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Feb 28, 2018
Bird photography is really exciting. Anyone who is a wildlife photographer will tell you the same thing. It has a lot of challenges too, ranging from financial to skill sets. A very common question pops up. What is the best equipment to do bird photography? We will take a close look at this in our quest to find out the best answer.             IMAGE COURTESY:SOURCEBefore we get into the solution let us take a look at the requirements. Bird photography involves shooting the flight of the birds. N...
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Every time I click a pictureI wake up in a different cultureWhat amazes me more is not the beauty…But the positive aura of the holy deity-The Photo-Hippie Photography is exploring the world outside and within you. Nature and wildlife photography give you time to contemplate and explore amidst the very goodness of nature, giving you more satisfaction and peace than anything else.Talking of it, it reminds me of my panning sessions which help me garb the nature’s blanket fully. In simple terms, I c...
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