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We have read about crystal balls in fairytales. We have seen characters peeking into the future with the help of these mystic objects. Gone are those days for sure or are they? Jumping back to reality, we suddenly have crystal balls in use. Crystal ball photography is a highly creative genre of photography wherein we enhance our images with the help of a crystal ball in the foreground. Obviously, they don’t let us see the future but they don’t seem any less magical though. Landscape photography ...
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Mar 15, 2019
Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar once quoted “We eat with our eyes and first impressions are everlasting”.  He was spot on with that as I am often impressed with the colorful presentation of the cuisines, be it at restaurants or the food magazines and cookbooks in the advertising industry. Yes, the visual appeal has become a very important factor of the Food industry which brings me to pen my tips on Food Photography.  Food photography isn't just randomly clicking a whats-on-my-plate picture intended...
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Jul 2, 2018
Photography is a creative art form that depicts stories, patterns, thoughts and emotions using just a single motionless frame. If that is not creative enough in itself, pay a visit to the abstract photography world. Anything that is non-concrete and intangible is termed as abstract. Anything that seems beyond the understanding of a commoner is termed as abstract! We are going to discuss about how true or false that is. Abstract photography is like that small island, far away from the main countr...
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Dec 30, 2016
The word abstract itself paves the way for a confusion regarding the exact definition of abstract photography. To be very honest, this has no definition. However to encircle it, it is defined as a kind of photography which doesn't depict the obvious. Literal meanings don’t have any significance and you need to see the world from a different point of view in order to get the concept of abstract photography.SOURCEClearing the confusion:Abstract photography can produce unbelievable images. They can...
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