Canon’s New Patent: Will Detect Eye-Controlled Autofocus In Mirrorless Cameras
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August 8, 2019

Canon has yet again marked their presence in the market. This time not with a new feature, but they restructured their old eye- controlled  autofocus that was initially used twenty years ago in Canon EOS-3 and EOS-7. 





What made the EOS-3 special was that the camera was capable of automatically choosing one of its 45 autofocus points according to where the users eye was pointed. As a result, just looking at the subject would indicate the camera to bring focus at that point in the frame. 


According to Canon News, Canon had filed a patent to bring this feature back from the dead into their mirrorless cameras. The patent shows a technology of ‘light sources for illuminating the photographer’s eyeball for detecting the direction of the line in sight.’


The patent does not mention where and when this feature will be brought into application, but it will certainly make the Canon fans happy. 


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