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August 19, 2019

In the world of glamour and fashion, Subi Samuel is a name that needs no introduction. He is an ace fashion and celebrity photographer whose work can be seen on the covers of popular film and fashion magazines.


His imagination, unique style, and perfection have made him one of the most recognized and established photographers of international prestige. He is known for his work in the world of film publicity, commercials, and publishing. His innovative and creative concepts make him unique in his own special way.


This month we had an opportunity to interview this ace photographer and I must say he is a very humble and approachable person.




1. How Did He Get Acquainted With Photography?

Subi has been in the business of photography for 20 years.  Initially, Photography was his hobby and later he perused it as a full-time profession. He started photography during his late college years. Once he was walking around the Fort area and he stumbled upon a book named “The Camera Book”.


This was an era of film cameras and back then shooting on film was not as easy as modern day’s digital photography. ‘Shooting on a film camera was quite challenging as the number of exposures was limited. You could only see the image once it was processed and printed. Therefore every time you took a picture you had to be perfect all the time.’ - Subi


2. What Was His Inspiration Of Becoming A Professional Photographer?

He started his career as an assistant photographer with Rakesh Shrestha.

Subi used to save his pocket money to buy film roll and getting prints of the pictures he had shot.


Photography was a very challenging carrier option at that time.  But what drew him closer to photography was his dislike towards a 9 to 5 desk job. His strong determination to do something creative made him choose photography as his full-time profession. 






3. What Challenges Did He Face Becoming A Professional Photographer?

‘Every time you pick your camera there is a challenge’ says Subi.  As a celebrity photographer, every project is challenging, it is a challenge to prove yourself, to better yourself.


‘Every shoot is a challenge. Every shoot has to be unique, he says

He believes in overcoming challenges by constantly reaching a new level of creativity and innovating new tricks. That is the best way to keep your work fresh and contemporary. 


4. What Gear / Equipment Is He Using Currently?

Currently, Subi is using a Nikon and Hasselblad. Also, Profoto for lighting set up.



Inspiring Stories
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