Candid With Pixean - Sachin Pawar
October 5, 2019

In Candid With Pixean, this week our theme was ‘Street Photography’ and we have got hold of an amazing Street Photographer to share his journey and experience as a passionate photographer with you.


Sachin comes from a small town on the outskirts of Mumbai- ‘Khopoli’ and we at Pixean thought, his journey into the photography world will definitely be an inspiration to all of you who are looking forward to kickstarting their career in photography.


We Asked A Few Questions To Sachin And This Is What He Has To Say.



1. How And When Did You Realize That Street Photography Excites You?  

The first time I picked up a camera was, on my Trek into the Himalayas and after that, I started taking pictures on all my treks. But soon I realised that even though nature was very beautiful, but it was missing the ‘Human Element’ in it.


So after I shifted to Mumbai in 2015, I got down on the streets of Mumbai and finally found the Human emotions to capture. That is when I started Street Photography.


2. Are You A Self Taught Photographer?

Just like a normal person, I too picked up my camera and shot every photograph in Auto Mode. Even Though I haven’t taken any formal education in photography. 


But I did attend a seminar and that is when I was introduced to the magic of shooting in ‘Manual Mode'. that is when I actually started exploring photography into its depths.  


3. What Cameras Do You Use For Your Street Photography?



I use a NikonD3400 and a few lenses along with it. 


So as of now, I am hooked to the combo of Nikon D3400 along with a kit lens. And I also carry a 70 - 300mm lens when I want to shoot a subject which is at a distance.

5. What Inspires You To Photograph?Yu2kGP2aCAx8LRQEZGUF4gk-J-vOJwpmmxpZZHJMeLjdf2HzJRF3xsiAp32tqeink-VZwolDUZM8JwcVClF0TbhKdZAjRHie5RhvqGaYbsGYoOSwiA4eXslCj60NwnEKZrVSY5VV

My biggest inspiration to photograph is the Idea of capturing Human Emotions. I think that is the best kind of photography.


Professionals working in other genres of photography might disagree with me. But I think it is the best thing to go on the street and capture the Human Element, specially Candid pictures. For me it is like, revealing the truth of people, their emotions and conditions.


6. How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?

I don’t count myself as a professional photographer, so I have not set any definition or style in my photography. I believe every picture has a learning curve in it. And they also have their own style.


My everyday inspiration as a photographer starts with other photographers on Instagram. I look at their pictures and try to learn things. So every time I go out and click a photograph, I come back home and compare my picture to a similar picture by other photographers. That is how I learn. And I keep learning more.


7. What Are Your Favourite Accessories, Lenses, And Books About Street Photography?


I have this thing, that I specifically use for my street photography. It is called the ‘Lens Ball’. I own an 80mm lens ball, which gives me an inverted image of the subject. It is definitely an eye-catcher.


Talking about the lenses, I have a 10 - 20mm wide-angle lens, which made me realise that I have been limiting my horizon all this while. The wide-angle lens gives me a very wide perspective, which is my favorite lens.


And as far as it is about educating myself. I don’t really use books, but I always keep looking at pictures on Instagram and online sites.


8. What Challenges Do You Face While Shooting Street Photography?

Being a street photographer is not as easy as it seems. I have faced rejection on multiple occasions. Sometimes, I would go and click a picture of people, and they would tell me to back off. Sometimes politely, and sometimes very rudely. 


And as a street photographer, I believe we must respect their privacy.


9. Do You Ask Strangers To Pose For You?



Like I said above, I prefer clicking Candid photographs. But there are some subjects and hereby subjects, I mean the little Kids, whom I get posing for my photos.


So every time I go to a place with kids around, I make sure to carry a lot of chocolates with me, and once I give them chocolates, they happily become my models.


10. What Do You Prefer, B&W Or Color Photo?

I am quoting somebody else here, which says ‘When you capture in color, you capture the person. But when you capture in Black & white you capture the soul.’


’So when I have a sea or sky in the background and human emotions in the foreground, I personally prefer capturing color photographs. As it lets me capture the vibrancy and the emotions in the frame. 


But say, if I am in a crowded market place, then I would go for a Black & White photograph.

11. Is There Any Photograph That You Are Currently Proud Of?



This is a perfect example of Juxtaposition

Quite a lot of my street photographs get featured in Mumbai Mirror, but my current and absolute favorite capture which I am without a doubt proud of are the Nubra Valley. Though it might look like its a travel photograph, it still has a human element in it. Which makes it my favorite.


And this photograph is also going to get displayed in the Jehangir Art Gallery- Mumbai. From 27th  November- 03rd December 2019.


12. What Are Your Favourite Locations To Shoot Street Photography At?



Being a Mumbaikar, my absolute favorites are the Kumbharwada, Dhobi Ghat, and Chor Bazaar, because these are the places where every time I go, I will manage to click a completely different photograph that the last visit.


13. Three Things You Wish You Knew When You Started Photography?



I wish I knew how to use Manual mode before. I also wish I knew the importance of post-processing. Even though I would say that too much post-processing makes the picture bad. But post-processing a picture in limit is so important to make it display-worthy. 


And at last, I wish I knew how to invest in the right lenses, which I would need for a specific genre. Like I use the wide-angle lens for street photography.


14. What Are Your Tips For Budding Street Photographers?

My very first trip to any photographer is to follow your heart. If you feel connected to street photography, then you have to be very diligent towards it. 


You will have to put your comfort aside and be there to click the right picture at the right time. And you must be very patient. 


Especially as a street photographer, you must love and get used to traveling around the city.


We hope you are heading towards your passion and taking these stories as inspiration.


To check out Sachin’s photography.


Follow him on 

Instagram: sachin181273

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