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January 9, 2019

Meet Brendon Fernandes. He is one of those cliché photographers who quit their jobs and moved to photography to follow their passion. He is an MBA graduate and for almost 5 years he was working in Reliance Communications as a Marketing Manager for Blackberry devices. It was a sweet job at first but corporate red tape and culture quickly turned that sweetness into something sour and unpalatable. Photography was just a hobby for him at that time and in 2012 he finally had enough and quit his job at Reliance. During the one year break that he took he used to shoot a lot more and he would post his photos for critique on J.J. Mehta photography forums to see how he could better his images. After some time he decided that he would take up the hobby that he loves and turn it into his job. Now he has delved into freelance photography as it gives him a lot of freedom with his time. Brendon currently shoots weddings, events, interiors and corporate shoots.

Brendon got acquainted with photography thanks largely to his dad who once took his friends old slr cameras for one of his many family trips. He was fascinated by the cool looking controls and the experience of capturing photos. After a while my dad saw his interest in photography and gifted me a Fujifilm s5600 super zoom camera. It took Brendon’s interest in photography to a whole new level and the camera was a must have at any of his family trips. After a few years of whetting my appetite on the Fujifilm, He yearned for a DSLR. Brendon pestered his dad again making all sorts of fantastic promises that he was pretty sure he also knew that none of those promises were ever going to be met. But Brendon’s dad saw that he really wanted a DSLR that he relented and gave Brendon money to buy one. In those days Canon and Nikon were more expensive than Sony and J.J. Mehta was selling a Sony A200 that was significantly cheaper at the time. Brendon picked that up and from there he felt like a real photographer!

Photography was Brendon’s hobby for years and some of his office colleagues in Reliance used to love his photos. So whenever one of Brendon’s office colleagues got married it was customary for Brendon to attend their weddings with the mandatory wedding present as well as his trusty camera in tow. Brendon found capturing weddings to be great fun. There was so much of emotions, expressions, beautiful colors and so many wonderful rituals that it wasn't hard to fall in love capturing it all. After Brendon did quit his job and took some time off he decided that he would love to have a job that he would actually be excited to do. So after a lot of deliberation Brendon decided to pursue photography full time. 


Without any shame Brendon would describe himself as a bit of a guru for technical knowledge. He used to be fascinated by terms like f stop, white balance, shutter speed etc that he developed a rather bookish knowledge over the last few years. All that knowledge turned out to be pretty meaningless when Brendon shot his first wedding! He realized rather quickly that all photography knowledge meant little if he didn't know which rituals were important, which position to park himself in order to get the best shot, how quickly one would need to react in order to capture a photo of a lifetime or miss it entirely. In Brendon’s earlier job if he made a mistake he could always redo whatever he was working on. In wedding photography if someone misses a moment it is gone forever! While it is fun capturing weddings there are so many wonderful moments happening and as a wedding photographer one needs to be ever vigilant to make sure that you are always present to capture it to the best of your ability. 


Brendon has been building his gear for many years now so it's rather sizable. His camera bodies are two Sony A7 III. And for lenses he use a Sony 16-35mm f4, Sony 24-70 f4, Sony 70-200mm f4, Sony 35mm f1.4,  Sony 55mm f1.8 and Sony 85mm f1.4. In addition to the above he use a Tamron 90mm macro and Sigma 15mm fisheye for 2-3 shots when required. And for lighting he uses a Godox AD200, Godox V860 II and a Godox TT685.

Photo Story Wedding Photography Basic Photography
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