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September 27, 2019

In today’s world of instant validation and fast pace social media, we have someone who has made it to becoming a professional photographer by being consistent with his work. 

In Candid With Pixean, theme  - Fashion Photography, we got an inspiring story of  Prathamesh Chhatre the new talented photographer who grew his fan base for his genre of photographs through various social media platforms.

Prathamesh Chhatre founder and proprietor of D-Cygnus who started his journey with a monotonous corporate office job and then had a career switch. He now owns a small firm, which delivers a range of services starting from, Design, Brand Management, Photography to Social Media Management. 

Here Are A Few Questions We Asked Him.

1. How And When Did You Realize That You Are Hooked To Photography?

I have been fascinated by photography since my early teens, that’s when I picked up my film age Kodak Kroma and started shooting on film. Then I moved on to a Digicam (Point and Shoot). 

After that, I never stopped.  I later bought a phone with a camera on it. Finally, in around 2012-13 I got my first DSLR and ever since then, I became a professional photographer.


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2. Did You Learn Your Skills From A Photography School?

Not a photography school per se. But I have attended photography workshops, one by Sameer Belwalkar

However, for me learning photography was always a combination of trial and error and a little bit of self-teaching. 


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3. Tell Us About Your Collection Of Gears.

I am a very moody photographer, I don’t stick around to same lenses and gears. So for most of my shoots, I usually rent lenses as per requirement and mood of the shoot. 

Apart from that, I have a 4 light studio set up and a Canon EOS 7D which I use for high profile shoots. I also own a Canon EOS 77D along with a 24-105mm, which I think is better than 7D. 


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4. Which Is Your Most Favorite Lens?

24-105 mm by Canon is the first lens that comes to my mind.  I think it is very versatile and I love to experiment with this lens.


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5. What Inspires You To Photograph?

I am highly inspired by the statue of David created by Micheal Angelo. It inspires me to induce a mixture of art, fashion and boudoir in my style of photography without making it vulgar and obscene.

There is a very thin line between being artistic and being vulgar. I put constant efforts to maintain that balance and make my pictures look more artistic.


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6. How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?

Versatile is one word in which I describe my style. I have photographed multiple genres from product to fashion and fitness. Some need to be bolder, some need to be rugged. It changes with the genre.

Where fashion photography depends more on the target audience. Who is looking at my picture, plays a major role while I compose it. 

As I said, I strive to capture Art. Obscenity is certainly not my type, I don’t want my viewers to be grossed out.


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7. What Is The Most Rewarding Thing Of Being A Photographer?

Such a moment for me is Yet to arrive.  

I am a person who is not happy with good. I feel, Best is better than Good.   I feel, the day we get happy with our photograph will be the day when the learning and exploring stops.

Social media is growing at an alarming rate and people are scrolling through their feed all day long. This reduces the shelf life of a good photograph.

Being constantly updated and improvising is what keeps me motivated and clicking. Finding new perspectives and concepts to shoot is what saves me from burnout.


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8. What Challenges Do You Face In This Profession?

Challenges, (smiles),  my family has always been very supportive of my decision of taking up photography as a profession.

And with Digital Cameras, photography became more affordable to people who previously didn’t think of photography as a career. 

One can follow this trend of Collaborating with the model or other photographers and build their portfolios. But the real challenge starts when you go to a client and show them your work and ask for money. Because there is always someone who is ready to do the same shoot at a cheaper price.

So it is quite a challenge to prove your worth to your client every time. 


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9. Who Do You Look Up To As Your Inspiration?

I am highly influenced by Victoria Krundysheva

I can’t stop thinking  “How did she do that?” while looking at her work. Be it shots with props or just minimal fashion shoots, the way she presents her concepts and mood of the shoot is something that keeps me wondering.  


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10. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

5 years down the line is a long way from now where the industry is changing rapidly.

It is becoming very competitive at this level when there are so many new aspiring photographers who are ready to work at a lower cost or even for free just to build their portfolios. 

I believe that the photography ecosystem is highly unorganized and unregulated. There should be some kind of segregation and grading so that everyone gets opportunities as per their capabilities.



You can follow Prathamesh and his photography.


On Instagram: @dcygnus_

Official Website:

 For more such stories, stay tuned and keep reading at Pixean.


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