Can mobile camera lens perform as DSLR lens?
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Amit Kumar Srivastava
October 4, 2016

Photographs go a long way in preserving moments of a lifetime…

-The Photo-hippie


My travelogue is filled with photographs of moments that seem as real as Donald Trump’s not winning the seat. Well, jokes apart, but photography does enable you to capture moments for a lifetime whether it is your baby’s first step towards you or that exemplary holier-than-thou expression upon getting your graduation degree.

The question we raise in this blog is ‘can mobile camera lens perform as well as DSLR lens?’

If you’ve travelled to places, you’d know that majority of tourists click photographs with their mobile cameras as carrying those bulky DSLRs with additional gears is not a possibility always and everywhere.

Now coming to the point of whether can mobile camera lens perform as well as DSLR lens, the answer is no.


I am saying this from my personal experience and that of my friends, and colleagues. The picture shot through an iPhone camera cannot be even compared with the quality of the same picture shot using a point and shoot camera, forget DSLR which is way beyond. Another fact I would like to tell my readers is that (you can go ahead and analyse for yourself) a 30MP phone camera cannot even match the quality of pictures clicked through a 15MP DCIM cam. It’s because the mega pixels alone don’t matter but many other things that go into getting an awesome click.

DSLR camera lens are 10 times better

Had it not been the case, why do you think photographers trudge with those bulky DSLRs costing a bam! (40K-1L)? A good DSLR camera lens gives 10 times better quality pictures than mobile camera lens.

DSLR gives you the control to make dozens of adjustments from ISO, exposure, sensor size, and f-number to shutter speed that mobile cameras lack.

Sensor matters

The main aspect of DSLR’s superiority over mobile camera lens is the former’s sensor. DSLR cameras use sensors which are more dynamic than mobile cameras. DSLR offers more creative controls to the user like Shutter Priority.

Blurred background

With DSLR you get a good amount of Bokeh, or achieve enhance blurriness in the background that makes your image look spectacular. The large sensors of DSLRs provide a desired blurriness or shallow depth of field with a suitable lens. This is useful when you want to portray your subject as the hero while background and other elements contributing or complementing the beauty of the subject.


In the end, I would say that while camera lens are a no match for DSLR camera lens, excellent mobile cameras do give a great click. Mobile camera lens and DSLR lens are two completely different machines so you cannot expect DSLR worthy photograph from mobile cameras.

It all depends on your usage. If you just want to click pictures to share instantly, mobile cameras should work for you. But if you want to broaden your creative control over the images, and produce greater quality images, you should buy a DSLR for infinite possibilities!

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