Best DSLR for nature photography for beginners
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Amit K Srivastava
December 11, 2016


When is nature at its best? For photographers- Always

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Nature photography gives you the pleasure of viewing and capturing the various forms of nature. And then you’d know that nature is always at its best regardless of any complimentary season, weather, or light. Every form of nature has its own relishing beauty; it takes a photographer with his or her DSLR lens to picture that! So which DSLR is best for nature photography? Let’s browse through the best options you got. But before that you need to answer the following 5 questions to buy one that best suits your need. The questions are-

  • How much I can spend?
  • What do I want to shoot? Landscapes, flora and fauna, flowers, or still life or aerial shots or everything?
  • What’s my motive to shoot? Is it a hobby or I want to use the photos commercially whether to send them for publications in magazines or start a business or freelance? This is important as if it’s just a hobby where you want to share some amazing pictures on social media you don’t need to spend huge money on getting those costly gears, and equipment.

Best DSLR options for beginners

For those who are interested in wildlife photography without spending a bomb, these entry level DSLRs are a great choice-

Nikon D3200 with 24 Megapixels. It has 11 point AF and shoots at a speed of 4 fps ( frames per second speed)




Other good option is Canon T5i with 18 megapixels. It has 9 point AF and shoots at a speed of 5 fps (frames per second)



The above two cameras are very powerful and professional in every sense for the price tag they come at.
If you are a Sony enthusiast, Sony has a camera that has delighted its fans over the years. The Sony Alpha a77II and Alpha a58 versions give a good shooting experience but you will have to compromise on lesser options in lenses.

Other top range DSLRs for nature photography for beginners

In terms of brand, Canon and Nikon are on the top of the list. But there are brands that have gained a raging popularity over the years like Sony and Pentax.

Rare combination

The Canon EOS 1D with a 200-400 zoom is a camera-with-lens combination that is rare.

Best bargain

If you want lighter camera at low price tag that provides higher resolution choose from Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D800 or Nikon D800E.

Best protection

Nature photography and wildlife photography involves shooting in conditions that you cannot predict be it untimely rains, or hazy backgrounds. And well, that is the ultimate fun of nature photography! The Pentax K-30 is a great choice for beginners. It consists of 81 seals that make it compatible for any weather. So face no damage thanks to its strong weather protection exterior. Another benefit is its pentaprism viewfinder unlike the lower-quality pentamirror ones that other brands use. The viewfinder helps to shoot brighter and clearer images.


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