Basic tips to capture sea-scapes photographs
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July 7, 2017

Clicking the pictures of the land is very much different from clicking the pictures of water. We have tried to make your photography a bit easier by giving you various tips and tutorials for different scenarios of photography. But, most of our articles are land-centric and we have generally given the tips to excel in them. 


So, we thought to help you through this blog by giving some tips on how to click some great seascapes. The land is still and unlike the land, water is always moving. Even in the pond or lake, water is moving somehow. 


Clicking the ripples in the pond is a difficult task as clicking something which is moving requires a lot of attention and concentration. Similarly, seascape photography is not easy as there are tides at a different pace, moving waves, and many more things. 


If you are an amateur photographer, then these tricks and tips to capture seascapes are going to help you a lot.


Here Are Some Tips To Capture Seascapes Photographs.


1. Be Ready With Your Accessories:


We will start with the basic tips to capture sea escapes and that is with the accessories needed for seascape photography. You need to have specific kinds of accessories with you while you are at the spot of the seascape. You need to be ready with these accessories so that you do not go wrong anywhere and also you will be relaxed. 


So, the first accessories are the lens wipes. The lens wipes help your lens to stay protected from the dust and also from the water droplets which are prone to appear on the lens when you are near a sea. Also, if the atmosphere is windy then some salt can also appear on your lens which can hamper your photographs. 


So, these pre-moisturised wipes can clear the lens and help you have smudge-free or blur-free images. Filters are the second important accessory. You can use many available filters but if you are a beginner then you can use the circular polarizer and a soft graduated ND filter. 


And if you clicking the pictures at a slow shutter speed then you may also require a tripod. The third most important accessory is the remote shutter. A remote shutter is required during the sea escape photography if you are using shutter speed so that you don't have shaky pictures. If you are using a tripod then also you can use this accessory so that your camera does not get wet.





2. Be Friendly With The Tides: 


If you are capturing the seascapes then the most important thing which you will capture is obviously the tides and the waves. Whichever beach or the sea you are visiting for photography just make sure that you know about it beforehand. 


You won't want to return empty-handed without a single click because you were expecting low tides and high tides. So, just have small knowledge about it and also be ready to click in any circumstances. 


Also, take note that whether that particular beach is ideal for high tide photography or low tide photography. If a particular beach is famous for its sight during the low tide, do not waste your time clicking only the high tides. You got to be intelligent in all such aspects.





3. Use The Right Shutter Speed:


One of the most important things which you need to take note of while clicking beautiful seascapes is using the right shutter speed. Using the right shutter speed can help you a lot in clicking some good and decent seascape pictures. 


For the longer exposures, you can slow down the shutter speeds and this totally depends on the scene that you are capturing but you can keep the shutter speeds between 10 to 30 seconds. If you are not able to find the perfect shutter speed, you need not worry, you can simply experiment with different shutter speeds.


The shutter speed has to be different for different scenes and locations, so it is not at all confined with particular shutter speed. You can go on experimenting and finalize the one in which you clicked the best picture and proceed with that for one scene and do the same for other scenes and photographs.





4. The Perspective Has To Be Chosen:


Another one of the very important tips to capture sea escapes is choosing the correct perspectives. By knowing the perspectives, I mean choosing the correct perspectives between the high or the low perspectives. These are important for the image composition and no matter what you are photographing. 


When you change from the high to the low depth, they can make a remarkable change in the image. If you are clicking the picture of the sea escape at the low perspectives, then you feel that you are standing in between the waves and you are completely surrounded by them. And if you are clicking the sea escapes at high perspectives, then you may not feel this way as before but you can have a better view of the beach and the entire surrounding. 


So, it depends on you that how good you are at choosing the perspectives. You really gotta be smart enough and figure out the right perspective for your picture to get some wateresque pictures.







These were some of the easy and basic tips to capture the sea escapes. We believe that if you understand and start following these tips then you can be able to click some great sea escape photographs. These are not some rocket science methods but simple and the starting ones which are easy to implement.

Landscape Photography
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