Basic Equipment And Camera Used By Professional Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photography
December 10, 2019

When someone approaches you to click pictures in their wedding, that means they have a lot of faith in your photography, and they feel safe to make you in charge of their BIG DAY. At times this thought gets very stressful, but with enough practice and the right equipment, you can ace up your photography game and capture this day beautifully for the rest of that couple’s life.


In wedding photography, you require a lot of different types of skills at once. You will click, portraits, candid shots, wide shots, and whatnot. So to be prepared to capture the wedding in every essence, your bag should be ready with the necessary gears.


In this blog, we have made a small effort to tell you in detail about the various equipment you must carry as a wedding photographer and some of the best cameras along with it. Read below to know more.


Best Cameras Used By Professionals


Sony a7 III:


This camera is a great deal-breaker in the wedding market. For two main reasons, that is its nominal price and combined features of the previous flagship cameras from sony (Sony a9 and Sony a7RIII) . This mirrorless camera will give you a clean 24.2MP sensor with incredibly high ISO performance, 4K2 video, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, ouch/tilting LCD screen, long-lasting battery and many more features.

This is one of the best wedding cameras, to grab at such a moderate price. Rs. 158,490


Canon 5D Mark IV:


This is the most awaited upgrade to the previous camera by Canon. It comes with better autofocus, best suitable for wedding videography. And not just that but it comes with  improved dynamic range, increased megapixels, high ISO performance, continuous shooting speed, a touch-screen, built-in wifi, and 4k video. It also weighs lighter than the previous models.

You can buy this camera at ₹ 1,94,237.00/-


Nikon D850:


Let me start by telling you that this isn’t any affordable camera. You have to pay serious money to ace up your gears as a wedding photographer. But what you get in exchange for the money is incredible. The Nikon D850 DSLR is packed with, a medium format 45.7MP Sensor, which is ideal for portraits. It also allows you to save pictures in RAW format, giving you more space for storage. The BSI sensor offers an ISO range of 64 to 102,400. It has an ultra-accurate AF system with 99 cross-type sensors, 153 focus points, and a dedicated AF processor offering 7FPS at 45.7MP.

This camera will cost you around Rs 4,39,999/- 


Some Other Notable Cameras Include:


  • Sony A7R III

  • Canon 5d Mark III

  • Nikon D750

  • Nikon D5

  • Fujifilm X-Pro2


Lenses For Wedding Photography


Medium Zoom Lens:


A 24-70 f2.8 lens would be suitable as a medium lens in wedding photography. This is the lens you will end up using most of the time while shooting. It gives you a crisp portrait and is also ideal for photojournalism. Its wide aperture are going to give you amazing low light photographs.


Telephoto Lens:


You will not always get a front-row opportunity to capture the scenes. Sometimes you are on the stage, but there is a photo-worthy moment happening below the stage, so instead of trying to rush to the scene and ruining the candid moment. You can use your telephoto lens. A good 70-200mm lens will give you a good close up shots.


Wide Angle Lens and Prime Lens:


It's not necessary to have a wide-angle lens on board in a wedding. But you can definitely make use of it by clicking pictures of the architecture and ambiance all over the place.


Other Equipment:


  • Tripod 

  • Light Stand

  • Memory Card

  • Batteries

  • Studio Strobes

  • Cleaning kit



Here’s basically what you will need the most as a wedding photographer. But these gears are not going to define how good the photograph will be. It is purely defined by the kind of skills you use and the efforts that you put. So don’t let anything hold you back. Be the best you can and make somebody’s big day memorable for them.


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