Basic accessories for beginner photographers
Basic Photography
Amit K Srivastava
October 2, 2016

The shimmering lens that gives you a picturesque sense, always!

-The photographer inside me


You can’t deny. It is photography that has brought such visually appealing pictures to public’s notice captured from the depths of a creek to the heights of Himalayas! Now if you are one of those lucky denizens (trust me, the count of photographers we have amounts to a country) who just bought their first DSLR lately, browse through the basic accessories you will need. Because often they are the little things that give the biggest benefits.

DSLR bag-



Camera bag is one of the most essential items. Think about it. You will want to carry additional lens, an extra camera body, or even a laptop when you want to shoot. Planning ahead about getting an appropriate camera bag will save you lot of money, and effort. The most essential part is determining the space as you want to ensure the bag fits all your trinkets.

Cleaning cloth



Buy a microfiber cleaning cloth as it is finer than other materials like cotton. Its synthetic fibre leaves no stain on the spotless surface perfect to wipe glass surfaces like lens.

Extra battery



If only you had extra batteries!

You are just about to click the most awesome shot of a flying swift boasting a perfect arc, and voila! Your battery goes dead. Hence, always carry an extra battery while travelling, and going for shoot outdoors.

Tip- Using a flash? Don’t forget an extra pair of AA batteries too.




A sturdy tripod is necessary if you are planning to shoot for long exposures at uneven places. It’s necessary to get the perfect angle for a great shot. Some of the best money saver options are Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit and Manfrotto MKBFRA4R-BH. There are others like Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head which are available for less than Rs. 3000.

Spare memory cards

Your camera may use SD or CF cards which often at some point of time will either lose space or fail. If you think you’ve put all your eggs in the basket, without spare memory cards, your basket is missing on something really important! Now even the major manufacturers like Lexar have reduced the costs considerably over the past few years making peace-of-mind backups more inexpensive than ever.

Below are two coolest accessory hacks you will give two thoughts about.

Bulb Blower-



It’s the best tool to get the big blobs of dirt away prior to cleaning your camera and lens. You do not want the sand blobs to scrape your lens, do you? A bulb blower with its powerful vent of clean air blows off any harmful elements. You can get the Rocket Blower for just Rs. 600!

Spray Bottle??



Do you know the trick to shoot fresh, unsullied rocks or river at the crack of dawn? It is with a spray bottle. You will be amazed at the results you get!

Basic Photography
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