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August 14, 2019

 It’s a very thin line between a mistake and a bad habit. And trust me you don’t want to end up in the bad habit zone. So here are some videos summarized for you, as to what are these bad habits and why you should avoid them. 


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  • Refusing to shoot in conditions that are not ideal .
  • Not shooting enough pictures
  • Deleting in camera 
  • Checking LCD after every click 
  • Not off loading your SD card 
  • Assuming you have all the gears in your backpack ( not re-checking )


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  • Breathing on your lens to clean it 
  • Not handling your lens with care 
  • Being over protective about your gears 
  • Creative filter overload
  • Unnecessary use of black and white filter 


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  • Not having  your gears charged up at all times.
  • Lazy raw shooters, hoping to fix everything during post production .
  • Take a lot of random clicks, assuming to have got one great capture in it.
  • Thinking new gear changes the photography and takes it to a new level. When it’s actually the person behind the camera , that is the game changer. 



Personally, before watching these videos I thought I was  under no bad habit. Turns out I am. I have done most of those things but I guess watching these videos made me realize how they can have an effect on your photography after sometimes. You may end up losing good moments or messing up shoots if your gadgets are not well organized . Hope this was useful for you guys, can’t wait to write more for you. 

Mobile Photography Basic Photography Digital Photography
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