Architecture photography - Some points to be kept in mind.
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May 31, 2019

Let me begin by asking you a question. How many of you have tried it? How many of you have been successful in getting an amazing picture each time? And I mean each time and not by fluke. Well, if not then keep readings further. I am sure these tips from amazing photographers will help you a lot.

Firstly, just because you are taking a picture of a stationary subject doesn’t mean that you need to be stationery too. Move around, find different angles and do a good survey of the place. I am sure you have heard about the rule of thirds and leading lines. Yes, they form an important part of this genre but that is only for getting your picture straight and not tilted. What really matters in architecture are the angles, perspective, and framing.

A famous building has its picture taken a million times and maybe from the same place. There will be very few who would go that extra mile to get a different frame of the same building. Therefore, try and make your composition unique. The fact that people think, you need a really expensive gear for this genre is a myth. What you really need is practice, the eye to see and wide angle lens. Wide angle lens works the best for it as they capture more than what a macro lens can capture. However, some buildings have an amazing texture so you might as well want to carry your macro lens too. Just so that you can go up close and take pictures of the patterns and texture.

There are going to be instances where your surroundings may just overwhelm you and you would not know where to start clicking from. So give yourself time, start with capturing details and once you have absorbed the environment, you will be able to capture the frames. You may have taken the picture of some monument but go there again. There is always something new with each weather or each timing of the day, like the shadows, the reflection that might just change your frame.




Street Photography Travel Photography Mobile Photography
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